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21st June 2017
Luperci Ortus
Lottie's figure tends toward curvaceous more than lean, most notably in the hips. She packs on muscle under a sleek coat; her arms are well developed from regular use of a bow, with her triceps and biceps particularly defined. Her coyote genes have given her a long nose and ears, but her dog ancestry shines through in her coloration, which is a blend of creamy whites and tans.

While she possesses a wild edge to her appearance, her humanization is evident by her preference for clothing and a reliance on tools. She has a small inventory of attire and traveling gear, but she can be found most often found in a dark tan hide dress with leather tassels. A silver metal locket is worn either around her neck or strung along her belts. Her brown hair gleams a reddish hue in the sunlight, and falls down past the slick curve of her waist. Although she is of a smaller stature, Lottie has no trouble commanding attention when she wants to.

Lottie has an ugly scar on her shoulder/back where there was formerly a gang tattoo. The look of it suggest its removal wasn't entirely consensual. She has many other smaller scars/puncture wounds over her legs and arms.

Size Reference
Optime: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) ↔ 175 lbs (80 kg)
Secui: 40 in (101 cm) ↔ 130 lbs (58 kg)
Lupus: 24 in (61 cm) ↔ 38 lbs (17 kg)

Art: 1, 2
Resourceful • Coy • Inquisitive • Adaptable
Speech: Disarmingly sweet and gentle. She is fluent in Common (English) and knows a little of German.

At first glance, Lottie has the patient, confident charm of a well-traveled individual. She has a quick wit but never says anything too sharply, and indulges others in conversation more than she divulges, to the effect of becoming forgettable when the night is done.

The truth of the matter is that Lottie is a reformed criminal and a hard-toothed survivalist. Intensely private, she doesn't care to draw attention to herself, having learned to keep her compassion and beliefs carefully guarded. She often leans into her own natural sociability as a smokescreen to discourage further prying, allowing herself to be written off if it means she can make it through from one day to the next.

Although her skill with the bow gives her a leg up in many situations, she doesn't rely on this to keep herself safe. Her experience with conflict steers her toward careful observation and distrust, especially of new people and situations. A reliable companion once her loyalty and trust has been earned, getting to that stage is often difficult.

While in search of a personal atonement for the things she's done, she continues to struggle between moral and ethical choices in day to day life. Over time, her hope is to put forward a better world than the one she left behind.
  • Mother: Sibylle Temple
  • Father: Wilmar Temple
  • Siblings: Faramund Temple, Gunther Temple, Dieter Temple

  • Mate: None
  • Former: Tielo Roth — Deceased
  • Offspring: None
The town of Ghostreach was not the most idyllic settlement in the Grand Tetons, but it was remote and it was safe, and that was almost good enough. Lottie and her brothers were raised there under the hard hand of their mother and de facto leader of the town, Sibylle Temple. Theirs was a mostly normal childhood, save for the stream of various "aunts" and "uncles" who came to visit, often bearing gifts that made life a lot easier on them all.

Despite their good fortune, Lottie and her brothers got into their fair share of squabbles and mischief. They did not miss their father, who disappeared not long after their third month, and they instead bonded with the townsfolk who would show them how to craft, hunt, use a bow and arrow, and navigate the terrain. Lottie's brother, Dieter, became a bit of a town legend. A proficient marksman, he was lauded for taking down a rampaging bear, even though he wound up losing a few fingers off his left hand for it.

Ghostreach felt like a world completely insulated from the outside, and it wasn't until adulthood that Lottie came to understand its true nature. Now as far as possible from the past, Lottie seeks to start over again.

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