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A tall, lithe female, Lomasi is mostly wolf with a little bit of dog in her. Coloring-wise, she takes strongly after her father, her mostly gray fur muted slightly from her mother’s white pelt. Her fur is mostly lighter grays, lightening to a cream on her throat and belly, ticked with both black and red, again muted by her mother’s lighter coloring. Her eyes are a slightly darker version of her mother’s blue, the only of her full-blooded siblings to share their mother’s eye color. She is also taller than her mother but far less bulky than her father or most of her siblings, and she is shorter than them as well but not by much.

In her Optime form, her preferred form, she stands tall and confident in herself. Her hair is kept to her mid-back and is generally kept out of her face via French braid. She generally wears little clothing or accessories beyond a leather belt that has a knife sheath hanging from is as well as several smaller pouches. She also is often seen with a quiver of arrows on her back and a bow hanging from her quiver. The other accessory that she always wears is a necklace that was her mother’s that Ayasha gave her when she first shifted: five blue beads with the middle being a bit bigger that the two on either side.
A spunky, happy-go-lucky wolfdog, Lomasi is very much a tomboy. She would much prefer to climb a tree than pick flowers (though she doesn’t deny she likes flowers) and she is quite the explorer. She can be rather stealthy, useful for bothering all her brothers, especially Kit and how jumpy he is. She is brave and intelligent, though less book-smart than her littermate. She loves stories and enjoys telling stories that are slightly ridiculous but with enough reality to see if people catch on to the odd parts of her stories. She enjoys caring for small birds and animals but is just a little terrified of horses.

But she can be overly assertive and is just a little hot-headed, combined with stubbornness. She can be very outspoken and doesn’t always know when to hold her tongue. And despite her penchant for telling rather tall-tales, she is extremely honest, almost brutally so. As a young girl, she was a bit of a snitch on her siblings but extremely loyal to her family and friends. She is extremely curious and often lets her curiosity get the better of her. She also despite her generally happy, amiable demeanor, is rather cynical and skeptical.

She does have a soft-spot for pups, and will happily tell them stories and play with them. She also is fairly artistic, often drawing or doodling on any sort of surface. Her mother’s wood-working skill was passed along to her, she just uses it for making arrows and bows.
Born to Ayasha and Avonaco Redfeather as their final child, and only girl, Lomasi was born mere moments after her littermate/brother Kitchi two years after their parents previous litter of three boys. The pair were born in the early morning of the winter solstice and the birth was extremely rough on Ayasha, nearly killing her. So Lomasi’s first memories of her mother was Ayasha being bedridden the first few months of her life. But Ayasha would tell her children, even the older ones, stories about her time in Souls and AniWaya. She remembered the wistfulness in her mother’s voice as well as the pain. It was obvious that the place held both good memories and bad. Her father would often frown at hearing the stories but would not stop them.

Once her mother was up and moving, she started to teach her children her various skills as did her mate. Her mother seemed pleased that Lomasi took after her in skills and interests though she did prefer to hunt with a bow, which was a skill she learned from her father, once she shifted. She also learned the basics of reading and writing, though she never had patience for it much preferring to be out exploring. She also never tired of hearing her mother speak about her home and not-so secretly dreamed of going there herself.

As she spoke of leaving for Souls, her parents, especially her father, were not entirely thrilled and she chaffed against them. Until just after she turned one and her mother sat her down and starkly explained some of the darker things that she had lived through, and why her father was not pleased with his youngest’s decision to leave. Though Lomasi was a bit shocked, she was determined to go and so after a quiet argument between her parents, they agreed, though it surprised her that her littermate, who had never shown any desire to leave their tribe, decided to go with her, though she soon found out that their father had asked him to go with to keep an eye on her. So the pair of them set off towards Souls and adventure, on foot despite (or maybe because) of her brother’s complaining.
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