Aelin Fireheart

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Luperci Mate to Abilene The Brotherhood: Master of Ranged Weapons Sailor Tier I, Crafter Tier I, Ambassador: DCG
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10th March 2018
Luperci Ortus

Aelin is a predominantly wolf hybrid, with a quarter dog blood. Her most notable feature is her lack of a tail, she has a short and fluffy bob tail where a long, bushy tail would normally be. She is tall, well developed and muscular, and slightly curvy. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown, and in optime she has long white hair, but it ends in a gray shade, ombre style. Her hands and feet end in brown gloves/socks, and she has white overtop of grey on her upper half.
Skills – Woodworker ( Journeyman )
Crafting ( Journeyman )
Animal Husbandry ( Journeyman )
Archer ( Journeyman )
Equestrian ( Journeyman )
Fishing ( Apprentice )
Sailor ( Apprentice )
Bilingual, Irish Gaelic & English ( Master )

If anything, Aelin is disciplined and a determined individual. She is a hard worker and assigns value to others based on their usefulness, those who are unskilled and lay abouts she chooses not to interact with extensively. That being said, she is kind-hearted but burns with a fiery intensity. Very passionate about her beliefs, Aelin claims to see ‘ the fair folk ‘ in her daily life and leaves handcarved trinkets and presents for the fairies, feeling obligated to do so as she believes they followed her here from Ireland.

She takes the fair folk very seriously, and believes she alone has been chosen to communicate with them.

Personality under construction.
Originally hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Aelin was adopted as a child. The population in Dublin was primarily of dog influence, and as such as a young pup Aelin was abandoned by her low-class parents for one reason or another. An affluent couple on the Southside found her on the streets, scooped her up and took her in. As she grew older, Aelin was committed on proving her worth to her adoptive parents and worked on gaining as many skills as she could, this attitude later shaping her judgments about lazy Luperci.

After getting into trouble with a street gang in Dublin, Aelin fled her home with whatever belongings she could bring with her to avoid her family being hurt. It was not difficult for her to trade and barter her way to North America, and upon landing she was able to procure a headstrong Stallion for a fair price in exchange for various items taken from her parents. She has managed to keep herself fed and safe, and now seeks a home to establish herself in New Caledonia.
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