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Sean's heavy dog content is most evident in his appearance, with his coyote genetics seeping through in the form of his lithe build and upright, pointed ears. His has a double coat, and his fur is long and feathers along his face and hind legs. He has sharp golden eyes and a slender snout.

His tail is bushier than that of a coyote's, and his coat has a merle blue pattern with tan points on his face and limbs. Though he spends most of his time in his optime form, Sean's lupus form his as scruffy as his unruly personality.

Sean's auburn locks are usually kept untied, coming to about shoulder length and with a slight wave.

He has good posture, standing proudly no matter the circumstances. Sean's confidence shines through in his body language, constantly having an air of unabashed superiority.

Sean is very humanized, a trait inherited by his Butler family. He is most frequently seen with at least trousers on, but will also wear button-up shirts and suspenders from time to time. During the winter, despite his thick coat, he may still accent his outfits with scarves or sweaters. Rarely does he spend much time in either lupus or secui form.

His body remains unmodified, as Sean wears no piercings or jewelry otherwise, and has no tattoos at the moment.
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Sean is very much a "speak now, think later" kind of canine, his candid ways often getting him in trouble with those who are unfortunate to be the target of his candor.

On the flipside, however, he is also known to weave up tall tales of exaggerated adventures, making claims far bigger than reality in an attempt to excite those around him. More often then not, when interrogated on the subject, Sean will only stammer out more little lies, eventually creating a mountain of deception from an initial molehill meant merely to impress.

Sean stands upright and proper, and often rests his hands on his hips rather than crossing them over his chest. He sees this as a sign of openness, and a way not to close himself off to another during conversation. He may see those who cross their arms or hold their hands those to their chest/torso as insecure, which may or may not lead to teasing, depending on his mood.

His outlook on life is generally positive, and Sean would describe himself as optimistic. He thinking highly of himself, his family, and his accomplishments, as well as any close friends and successes of theirs. While he can come off as arrogant, those who get to know Sean more intimately find him to be loyal to the point of praise, resulting in him going on proudly about those who keep in his company.

Sean is very extraverted, activity seeking to socialize. It is not uncommon to find him wandering about locations with high traffic, a frequent visitor of taverns, parties, and communal housing.

He is loud and outgoing, but can act appropriate when absolutely necessary. Privately he wishes for companionship, as he fears being alone and living life without meaning.
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Mother: Saorise Bromley
Father: Jarvis Butler
Siblings: Colm Bromley, Kieran Butler, and O'Shae Bromley

Hometown: Portland

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Non-Canine NPCs:
Butter Croissant (Palomino horse)
Fig (Pine marten)

Canine NPC:
Kofei McGreggor (second cousin)
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Chapter 1: Saluted Father Dear
The Butler family, previously a part of hte now disbanded Cour de Miracles, had moved to the coastal city of Portland after their community eventually broke away and driven by the death of Sean's paternal grandfather, Harvey Butler.

The family stuck together, close-knit as always but more so after the passing of the former Knight. Jarvis eventually met Saoirse Bromley, cousin to Kofei McGreggor, who had been a close friend to the family for many years.

Sean was born to eccentric parents Jarvis Butler and Saoirse Bromley in the winter of 2019, alongside siblings Colm, Kieran, and their only sister O'Shae.

While maritime activities had always been a part of the family's history, no doubt due to Sean's paternal grandmother, Aoves', closeness to the sea and sailing, growing up in Portland only made those past times all the easier to get involved in. Sean matured in a location rich with knowledge about sailing, trading, building crafts, fishing, cooking, and singing shanties.

As soon as he was able to shift, Sean found himself out at sea with his father nearly any chance he could. From him, he learned about the water and how to speak French.

He and his siblings got along fairly, arguing over small things as brother and sisters are apt to do, but loving of one another overall.

The cheekiness of his mother is evident in Sean, learning most of his wit from her and obtaining her Irish accent. While she spoke little Gaelic around the house, Sean was able to pick up mostly swears and insults from Saoirse.

After hearing the news of his Uncle Basil's death, Sean came to ponder the meaning of his own life and where it was leading. Though he was not particularly unhappy living among his large family in Portland, he desired to branch off and see what else was out there.

Due to the relatively short distance between Portland and Del Cenere's outpost of Palisade, Sean came across the small dusty town during his travels.

Enamored by the people and the overall attitude of Palisade, he set his sights on the Ashen lands. After heartfelt goodbyes to his family on the coast, Sean Butler took off toward Del Cenere, arriving and becoming part of the rough and rowdy group in the summer of 2020.

Chapter 2: Kissed Me Darlin' Mother
A pirate's life for me.
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