Patriarch of the Dumb

Patriarch of the Dumb
2021 SoSuWriMo Champ!
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Elkhart, IN
10 November 1992 (28 years old)
Hi, everyone! I'm Dread. I've been a member of 'Soulsrpg off and on since 2012. I started with a character named Leviothan Moonbreaker, a coywolf who ended up joining Cercatori d'Arte. Some of my more commonly known characters are Basilio Lykoi, Fang Espinoza, and Calla Valentine. I have mostly been attached to three different packs (IF, CdA, and SL) since my time here, though I did join several others with different characters.

I was briefly a leader of IF but after health and mental issues got in the way, I stepped down and later left Souls for a brief stint. I'm just now trying to come back and start over.

I do not talk a whole lot in the 'Souls discord, preferring to keep myself in personal chats but I'm always free to talk whether it's about 'Souls things or real life.
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