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27th June 2020
Big is a good way to describe Lyall. Larger than average, even as a pup, he's more a gentle giant than a big bully. As a pup, he was mostly paws and ears.

Growing into his paws and ears, the brute stands at seven feet, and is likely to put on more weight to add to his height.

Like most Hushhowls, Lyall's coat is composed of black, white, and grays. Black runs down his spine; coating his ears, back, and tail with a little white stripe in the middle. Though the black does wrap around his sides a bit by his neck, shoulders, and hips it quickly fades into a light gray. He has a splash of white on the bottom side of his muzzle that extends to his chest. White also coats his left paws, bottom of his tail, and the very top of his black muzzle.

Lyall's most striking feature are his heterochromatin eyes. Shadowed in black, his left eye is green while the right is blue.

Lyall in lupus is bulkier than most giving away his wolf heritage, though due to his smaller size he often times usesLupus when tracking prey, or his Secui.

Secui form is unmistakably large, sometimes mistaken for a black bear, his burly muscles and way he moves in this form (although slower than his Lupus) is by far his favorite to hunt in, where his skin is thicker and he looks more intimidating.

Using his optime more times than not, and is often times found looking down at others for the height he possesses. Likely inherited from his true father. Lyall is a fluid coloration of blacks, greys, and cream, blending together well, and finding it in himself to pull off his looks with smoothness. As he grows into his Optime (throughout the years) he will likely grow very muscular.

Adult Optime Height: 7'0"
Adult Secui Height: 49 inches
Adult Lupus Height: 38 inches

Adult Optime Weight: 270 lbs
Adult Secui Weight: 160 lbs
Adult Lupus Weight: 100 lbs
Momma’s baby boy…Seeing it fit that his Maman and Mama were the two figures who took control, the young boy found himself constantly with Armani.

Delicate and sensitive, but unwilling to show emotion. Lyall is truly a sensitive boy, set off by the sudden disappearance of his blood sister Nilda, Lyall found himself questioning what would happen to his other siblings’ and his mothers’.
A family man, with the heart of a Knights Templar. Lyall was bred for becoming one of the Brotherhood, and is completely aware of selfless and selfish acts that will be required of him. The young Knight (especially since his sisters disappearance) is often found sparring by himself and practicing using his weapon of choice.

Unloveable hopeless romantic— Lyall believe in love, and wants love, but does not want to heart ache along with it so strives for an friendship only. He is likely hard to understand and will not take the hand of anyone who cannot prove their loyalty and likeness to keep up with who he is. Lyall wants to win over the “one” with all his might, but is uncertain if that will ever become a reality and thus, throws himself into working at becoming a better cavalier.

Lyall is genuinely a gentle soul, easy going and laid back, and has a bit of a temper when pushed too far, and too quick. Lyall can be described as a Chaotic Neutral/Good alignment.

The laws and what he follows are as such;

-follows his whims. -an individualist first and last. -values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. (Unless of course they are his family) -avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions.
(While he may resent restrictions and avoids authority, he values their opinions and follows the laws)

While it would seem as though he is a goody-two-shoes for now, Lyall will begin to dive further into his emotions after turmoil from family tragedy strikes and he becomes a recluse.
Moms: Armani (bio) and Dawn
Dad/Uncle: Pushok
Side Dad: Jamie
Sister: Nilda
Side Siblings: Brannon O'Neil and Maisie O'Neil
A five month old mountain lion, whom he found shortly after his sister was recovered. She speaks high speech, and he is working with her on honing her hunting and training skills, to allow her to become a warrior alongside him.
Dahlia is described as being very protective over him, and having a knack for becoming somewhat aggressive if not in an agreeable conversation. Lyall is working on it, but it seems she is to moody, yet.
Lyall was born in Casa Di Cavalieri. He spent his first eight weeks with his family (Dawn, Armani, and Nilda) as well as his other siblings (Maisie and Brannon).

Growing up the male felt distant from his father, and never explored the relationship with Pushok, instead learning the trade of Blacksmithing and Fur creating with Armani. Normally spent with Armani, he spent some time with Dawn as well, and is close with both of his mothers’, but definitely closest with Armani.

Often times his siblings tease him, but he never paid no mind to them, instead he chose to ignore them.

After his first shift, the youth began learning how to make leather as well as tan hide, becoming nearly obsessed with doing such things. Maisie and him grew close (in a way), and his birth sister, Nilda, was always a close friend as well.

Brannon and he never saw eye to eye, and oftentimes squabbled and argued more than he and even Nilda.

The relationship with Nilda since she was kidnapped, has strengthened, and he tries to do his bidding as a great brother. Often times finding himself in trouble with one of his mothers’ for taking the blame for one of his three siblings.

After his sister went missing and was later recovered, Lyall found himself a mountain lion cub (who’s five months now) and growing and learning everyday.

Residing with his mothers’ still, it is likely he will move out sooner than later, but the time spent with his mentor is nary to affect how he trains, and works diligently. Although a notable aspect is the fact his mentor taught him the basics of reading and writing, to which he turned into trying to make blueprints for weapons and helpful things he deems useable, and useful.

Lyall has not had any trauma happen to him, yet.

All in all, he is a family man whom is closet with his mother Armani, and least closest with his father Pushok and brother Brennon. His history is still writing itself.
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