Rand Coara

New Caledonia
Luperci Priest II
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the Breath of Creation
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Dog hybrid
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25th May 2015
[Image: b4nazup.png]If there is any wolf or coyote blood in him, it certainly doesn't show; Rand is a showcase of generations of doggish hybrids with only minor influence from their wolfish ancestors. His coat is not especially thick, and his ears are rather large, though they do not stand tall like a wolf's and rather fold back. The fur on his tail is not bushy, but feathery like a golden retriever's. His Optime hair is long and wavy, often weaved back into intricate braids and knots.

His coat is a grayish-blue color, lighter on his face and chest, and his hair is a similarly silvery white. His eyes are a smoldering amber, often with a jeering glint. He has notable scars on his throat and muzzle, and on his left ear is a golden chain earring.

Though of average build and slightly above-average height for a dog hybrid, Rand is nothing to scoff at. His muscles are developed, and he is healthy-looking overall, though lean and streamlined. He usually forgoes clothing but does wear a long white robe with a high color for special occasions or when he is convening in a sacred communion with his Goddess.
Arrogant, unpleasant, and downright insidious at times, the Priest is not a comforting figure by any stretch of the imagination.

Rand, first and foremost, is an elitist: he believes he is always in the moral right on account of his close relationship with his Goddess, and he is very stubborn and unwilling to ever think otherwise. Since arriving to New Caledonia, he is disheartened at how far his former home has fallen from grace, and he is an active and persistent critic of the High King and Isiltárii. Anyone that doesn't hail from the Old Realm is to be regarded coldly and harshly — unless, of course, they are receptive to his Lady.

He is a man that gets what he wants by any means necessary, and he is willing to operate under the guise of his religion to do so. Predatory, conniving and silver-tongued, Rand is a dark cloud brewing in New Caledonia, and it is uncertain where his antics will land him as he continues to push away any potential acquaintances. His standoffish behavior is unlikely to win him any sympathy points from any of his packmates, and that serves him just as well. They are unworthy of his time, anyhow.

Since the birth of his daughters — only one of which he suspects is truly his — he has taken a special interest in Níndari that goes beyond typical paternal concern.
Celebrimbor, horse
Hailing from the old guard of Caledonia, Rand has arrived to the New Realm shocked and ashamed of how his culture has been mangled.

Pledged to Lorn, he believed strongly in the divide between Lorn and Taur in spite of the way the war of the Old Kingdom brought them all together. When the situation worsened, Rand took the opportunity to push his own ideals upon those around them, as war turned out to be a convenient excuse for such; those that disagreed with his rhetoric were dispatched of, their deaths unquestioned because of the raging warfare. As it became readily apparent that Caledonia would not be the victor, Rand decided to flee with a group of other Lorn elitists, therein abandoning the fight.

Embittered by the war, they wandered for some time, unaware that another group of survivors had established themselves further east in Nova Scotia. Tensions amongst the deserter band came to a head when Rand accidentally let slip the true nature of some of those that had died months prior; not every death of their comrades had been at the hand of the enemy, which understandably left many of his peers feeling betrayed and upset. With no other choice, he was forced to leave, and from there, he struck out on his own. After almost a year since the fall of his Kingdom, he caught wind of a banner having raised in the west, taking on the name of a "New" Caledonia — he was far too intrigued to not investigate for himself, but Rand is no doubt disappointed and shocked by what he has found.

Much to his surprise, his arrogance regarding this heritage and blood line has not earned him a lot of friends in the new Realm; shockingly, very few of the newer breed of Caledonians are very keen to hear about his Goddess or his path to holiness.
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