Naomi Stryder

High Lady of Dawn

New Caledonia
High Lady of Dawn
Luperci City Watch III, Dragoon III a fellowship everlasting This is my Oath
Loyal, brave, true
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31st January 2020
From her coloration to her physical appearance, it is unmistakable that Naomi is a mix of wolf and dog. Though many of her immediate family range on the larger side in terms of size, Naomi displays more of her doggish ancestry; standing more on the side of "average" in both her height and weight. She has an athletic, lean, and agile figure with fur that is naturally sleek-looking in appearance rather than grizzled or overly thick like most wolves. Because of her interests in combat and horses, Naomi has notably light musculature seen in her upper body and legs that hint at a dormant strength. These muscles are not bulging nor would they be considered "thick", however. Merely, it's obvious that she is active and works. She carries herself with a soldier-like discipline.

Much like her late-mother, Naomi has silky, shoulder-length hair, and she parts her bangs to one side. It is rare for her to wear it down, as she typically tries to keep her hair up in a ponytail so that it is out of her way.

Highly humanized, Naomi generally remains in her Optime form, and is normally found wearing her armor and having her sword and knife at her sides. She typically wears a high-collared tunic and loose, dark-colored pants. Her leather armor set includes pauldrons, bracers, a chest piece, and a tasset. Over her right shoulder, she bears her mother's family crest. When working or otherwise performing her City Watch duties, Naomi will wear her Caledonian-themed chords, as well as her fasten with the Wraith's Teeth guild emblem on it. For ceremonial or other important events, she will don her cape which attaches to her pauldrons armor piece over one shoulder and across her back.

She has a scar on her left cheek from her service during the Liberation of New Caledonia.

  • Lupus: 33 in (84 cm) ↔ 85 lbs (39 kg)
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 140 lbs (64 kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 11 in (71 in / 180 cm) ↔ 155 lbs (70 kg) (Preferred)
Having grown up in a family of knights and soldiers, Naomi's fearless and confident nature is, perhaps, to be expected. It is uncommon for her to hesitate when met with a danger or a frightening situation, and, even so, she often puts on a brave face to appear otherwise. Disciplined, Naomi is generally polite and respectful, though, she may find it hard to bite her tongue when forced to behave in a less than favorable interaction. As a whole, she may be considered honorable and "good" in her actions and morals, however, influences from life and her company have assured that this "honor" of hers is only upheld to a certain extent, and may border more into morally grey pending the situation.

As an individual, Naomi is a loyal and reliable companion, and protective of her own, often making her a valuable ally to have. Since the loss of her mother and brother, she has grown to be a bit more stoic and cold, but her friendlier, warmer personality still lurks beneath her soldier-like exterior. She is adventurous and hardworking. She can be playful and sarcastic, and may even tease if she feels comfortable enough. Her tomboyish nature is blatantly obvious, and is perhaps best seen in her strong dislike for feminine clothing and activities.

Unfortunately, like her mother, Naomi can be quite stubborn at times, and she often finds it difficult to express her feelings. This leads for her to keep many of her thoughts and emotions to herself, typically pretending to feel otherwise if confronted. She has a strong dislike for laziness, and despises haughty arrogance and those that abuse their rank or power over another.

Summarized: brave, confident, disciplined, loyal, reliable, hardworking, protective, tomboy, stubborn, soldier-like
Naomi is the youngest child and only daughter of Teagan Stryder and Makoto Ridley, and is the younger sister of Genkei Stryder. While her mother was pregnant with her, a blizzard hit, and her mother and her packmates were left stranded out during the worst of the storm. Naomi was the only surviving pup from her litter as a result. Because both of her parents were previously Knights of Casa di Cavalieri, her education, discipline, and introduction into combat began at an early age. She was taught and trained like that of the Cavaliers' youths, from being mentored by her older brother to even having her own First Blood Ceremony despite having been born into and growing up in New Caledonia.

She grew into a confident fighter, ever-striving to be like her parents and older brother, and ever-envious of her family's heritage and life back in Casa di Cavalieri. Expectantly, Naomi found herself delving into combative and defensive roles in her birth pack, and even helped found the Wraith's Teeth Guild in Spring of 2021. She was amongst the Caledonian combatants of the Siege and Liberation of New Caledonia, during which, she tragically lost her older brother and mother during its final hours.

Presently, she is part of New Caledonia's City Watch, and is one of its cavalry members as a Dragoon.

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