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15th June 2020
Luperci Ortus
A wolfdog of very mixed parentage, Azalea strongly resembles a domestic dog in terms of pelt color, though her build and size suggests her wolfish heritage. A true piebald, Azalea has a sweeping white portion of her fur that covers the left side of her face. As for her build, she sits above-average for her dog-heritage and average for her wolf-heritage. As she currently is, a young teenager Luperci, her heft and body shape is that of someone who does a lot of running. Which makes sense, considering all the exploring she does.

Her D'Angelo heritage is most apparent, as Azalea is the largest and overall darkest of her siblings, and the only one with green eyes.

She's tall and slim, with not a lot of meat on her just yet considering her age. Her face is expressive and her eyes are deceptively bright and open. Though she can struggle controlling her expression, usually she has no problems keeping her audience exactly where she wants them, a testament to all the people-watching she does. In her Optime form she has extremely curly hair, with one strand being much lighter than the rest (see avatar by Nat), like her mom. Her hair is usually down, because she doesn't know what to do with it, but when she does put effort into taming it she usually ties the top half back and keeps the bottom half down. This way she can at least put a hat on.

Azalea has a stylized scar of the Hand of Eris on her right scapula. It was carved by Grievous Eternity in mid-April 2021.

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TL;DR: Charming, smart, and adventurous, she is quick to get herself into and out of trouble.

Azalea is an adventurous puppy, unafraid to ask questions and explore boundaries. She's driven by a fierce intellect, making her incredibly curious about the world around her and the beings in it. This may lead to her asking questions that some may believe inappropriate. Fortunately, it's hard to stay mad at her because she's just so darn charming! Quick to smile and compliment, she exudes a happy energy and innocence that just washes over everyone around her, putting them at ease. She has a dominant personality type, and she's generally the boss of the group, even unofficially. If the position hasn't been taken by someone of a higher rank than her, she will fill it easily with her confidence and imagination. She doesn't mind bossing others around and can usually do so without generating bad feelings, and most of the time people are happy to take instruction, because she's a good boss! She compliments and criticizes where necessary, and pushes when people need pushing. Something about her, perhaps it's the confident way she holds herself or the way she speaks, makes others trust, adore, and believe in her. She enjoys being in the thick of things and being looked to for ideas and instruction. And, though she is highly intuitive, she's very smart about the things she does. Though she can get carried away, in general a great deal of thought goes into every decision she makes.

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Mother: Idrieus
Father: Grievous Eternity
Siblings: Lilium Eternity, Whisper Eternity
Cousins (in SL): Extended: Eternity, D'Angelo

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Azalea Eternity is a wolfdog and member of Salsola, where she was born.

The daughter of Idrieus and Grievous Eternity, Azalea is a member of an affluent household. She is the oldest of triplets and her parents' first born, preceding Lilium and Whisper. In January of 2021 she underwent the Cueponi ceremony and was promoted to The Family. Since then, she lived life relatively peacefully until catching the attention of Aani Aston-D'Noires in early April of 2021, who began stalking her obsessively. Aani introduced her to opium and, using this and her own brand of manipulation which involved making Azalea worry about Aani's puppies' safety, lured Azalea into coming into her home more and more.

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