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15th June 2020
Luperci Ortus
A wolfdog of very mixed parentage, Azalea strongly resembles a domestic dog in terms of pelt color, though her build and size suggest her wolfish heritage. A true piebald, Azalea has a sweeping white portion of her fur that covers the left side of her face. As for her build, she sits above average for her dog heritage and average for her wolf heritage. As she currently is, a young teenager Luperci, her heft and body shape is that of someone who does a lot of running. Which makes sense, considering all the exploring she does. Her D'Angelo heritage is most apparent, as Azalea is the largest and overall darkest of her siblings, and the only one with green eyes.

Though she was rather lanky and scrawny as a younger yearling, Azalea has put on some more fat and muscle since becoming a mom and looks more balanced than she did as a juvenile. Her coat is naturally very thick and fluffy, a testament to her dog and wolf heritage. Her face is expressive and her eyes are deceptively bright and open. Though she can struggle controlling her expression, usually she has no problems keeping her audience exactly where she wants them, a testament to all the people-watching she does. In her Optime form, she has extremely curly hair, with one strand being much lighter than the rest, like her mom. Her hair has different curl patterns in different areas of her scalp, giving it a bit of an untamed and wild look, especially since she finds brushing it and otherwise cleaning it up boring. Her hair is usually down because she doesn't know what to do with it, but when she does put effort into taming it she usually ties the top half back and keeps the bottom half down.

Azalea has a stylized scar of the Hand of Eris on her right scapula. It was carved by Grievous Eternity in mid-April 2021 when Azalea was about nine months old.

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TL;DR: Charming, smart, and adventurous, she is quick to get herself into and out of trouble.

Azalea, first and foremost, is kind and smart and charming. She moves through the world looking to make people laugh and make people happy, and tries her absolute best never to hurt anyone. With a loud and brassy laugh, she is infectious in her joy, making everyone around her laugh along as though it were the easiest thing in the world. She is nevertheless very mellow in her demeanor, speaking relatively slowly, since thought is put into every word. She tends to have a little bit of a mysterious air around her, facilitated by her deep thoughtfulness, insight, charm, and imagination. She communicates in such a way that simply exudes warmth and safety and sensitivity, and she tends to make a powerful impression on those around her. She had a very solid sense of self as a puppy and was very charming, quick to make all kinds of friends with all kinds of canines. For a long time, she was also incredibly confident, the kind of confidence that you were born with. This was charming and cute to most, but for some, it was attractive. Aani broke that sense of self and confidence, leaving Azalea traumatized and nervous.

But besides her trauma, Azalea is an introverted woman who is nevertheless mostly comfortable entertaining company for a limited period of time. She enjoys making friends, so when given the chance she will dedicate herself to befriending interesting people. Once finished with their company, Azalea will usually retreat into herself, often by literally going off into the woods to explore and think. She finds that time spent alone is often more rewarding than time spent with others, with the exception of select few. When it comes to romantic partners, Azalea is sensual and excited to explore, as long as she is actually interested. A romantic, Azalea dedicates herself fully to her partner, thrilled by discovering new information about them, even the smallest thing, and simply enjoying their presence on a quiet evening. She is unafraid to express her love for someone, and feels it unconditionally. She can be disappointed if she feels like her partner isn't giving or can't give her the same in return, and can take that as a sign that they don't love her as much as she loves them. This is devastating to her, considering the amount of dedication she puts into her own romances. Azalea falls in love hard, but that doesn't mean she falls in love easily. Idealistic, she is often caught up with ideas of perfection and fairytale romances, when that simply isn't a reality for most relationships. This means that often, she would rather not be in a relationship than be in an 'imperfect' relationship.
Mother: Idrieus
Father: Grievous Eternity
Siblings: Lilium Eternity, Whisper Eternity
Cousins (in SL): Extended: Eternity, D'Angelo

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mNPC: Bertrand (Raven)
mNPC: Friede (Goat)
Azalea Eternity is a wolfdog and member of Salsola, where she was born. She currently serves as an Sanctus Apprentice in the pack and holds the jobs Informatore (Spy) and Witch.

The daughter of Idrieus and Grievous Eternity, Azalea is a member of an affluent household. She is the oldest of triplets and her parents' first born, preceding Lilium and Whisper. Her puppyhood was relatively peaceful, and she grew up fairly sheltered to the cruelties of the world. Much of her focus was on what she was going to do once she shifted (at the time, train up and join the Shield, like her mother), exploring the pack, and making friends. In January of 2021 she underwent the Cueponi ceremony and was promoted to The Family. Since then, she lived life relatively peacefully until catching the attention of Aani Aston-D'Noires in early April of 2021, when she was but 9 months old.

Aani groomed Azalea from a young age (see The Aani Problem for details), isolating her from her friends and family and introducing her to drugs. By the time Azalea finally snapped and told Kamari Kaiser and Krios Revlis about Aani, eight months after Aani began to abuse her, it was too late. She fled and was declared a Pentini by the Mafiosi. Unfortunately, Aani escaped in part because the hunt to capture her was postponed when New Caledonia (where her then-girlfriend Sólveig Dawnrunner lived), was invaded. It took nearly four months for Aani to be captured and stand trial.

In that time Azalea became pregnant after a one-night stand with Spartacus Simone Ulrich. The out-of-wedlock pregnancy shattered her already shaky relationship with her family to pieces. After Azalea decided she would keep the puppies her father told her that she was no longer welcome in the family home. Casimir Soul stepped in to save the day when Azalea went to her old friend for help. By the next evening, the two were wed. A month later, Azalea gave birth to Indigo Eternity, Thistle Eternity, Sundew Eternity, and Skadi Eternity.

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