Date of Birth:
31st October 2017
Has a coat that is mostly white and smooth looking with some curls, with just a few light tan marks near the eyes and on his ears, as well as the tip of his tail. He has a bit of light brown that goes from his eyes and nearly meets his mouth in a curve. The top of his head has a light blonde color and makes up his mane when he is in optime form, and he ties it in a top knot. His eyes are a deep blue.

Has a lean body and is quite tall coming to 80 in (6ft 8in) while in optime form, 44 in (111.76 cm) in Secui, and 28 in (71.12 cm) in his lupus form. Despite his lean nature he is strong from his life of doing manual labor. There is a scar that goes across his chest, with some parts trailing upwards and downwards.

For accessories he has a fish hook he reshaped into a curve and uses as an earring. Around his neck he has a leather cord that holds a carved wooden anchor. For clothing he wears a tattered off black coat that looks similar to a pea coat.

His preferred weapon is a harpoon
Asher is a hard worker, and quite smart. He speaks in a smooth voice, which he often uses to his advantage when trading. His posture more than often takes on a almost relaxed nature, while also looking as if he is ready to fight. Has a calm nature around him most of the time. Asher is a kind, caring, and intuitive man who can easily empathize with others. At times he can be quiet, which either means he is deep in thought, or perhaps lost in the memory of his lost family.

Around children he tends to be more of a goofball, not that his goofy nature can't show on an everyday basis mind. When angry he can be fierce and is more than ready to defend himself in a fight, and has no qualms about killing, calling him weak is a quick way to rile him up. Is fiercely loyal to those he cares about, or even to his pack. Though he is not someone to cross, he does his best not to act rashly, though he also doesn't put much thought into his actions when a fight does actually come about, letting his instincts and training take the helm.
Morris-Friend/Former Crewmate
Asher was the middle of three pups, and his parents were kind and caring towards him and his siblings. They provided for him, getting him all that he would ever want or need the best that they could. He was considered a bit spoiled by his age mates, and as he grew up his parents started putting more expectations on him since he was the oldest male. Wanting to explore other options for his future, he ran away from home.

He wound up joining a ragtag bunch of mixed canines that sailed the sea for trade, and sometimes for more shady reasons. Asher took to the life on the sea like a fish took to the water. He gained most of his skills while on his travels, and started to act different to his true nature to protect himself better against the harshness that he often met. While on his travels he met a female dog and fell head over heels for her. While his crew was landbound, he spent what time he could with her and was ready to leave his life at sea to settle down with her and start a family of his own.

Unfortunately the female died, leaving him heartbroken and a bit depressed. He threw himself into trouble, at some point gaining the scar that now rests across his chest. Once he healed enough, he decided to find new places to travel to. While traveling, he found DCG and decided to join.

Since joining, he has found a place that he would readily call his home, though at times he does think of Rose and miss her.
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