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Coyote-dominant Hybrid
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14th March 2018
Beneath the scruffiness and hunger of a life on the run, now forged in servitude of Salsola, Kaimkillen might be a handsome coyote. He has filled out nicely with regular feeding but maintains a slenderness befit his station. His sun-bleached coat is often ashy and dull from his work and a lack of nutrition, but when in good health it is vibrant and soft as pale gold morning light.

Sporting a typical coyote build, the only scarce hints of his low-percentage hybridization comes in the form of tapered ears and broad shoulders. Otherwise he appears almost predictably 'yotesque, with a lean endurance-based build and clever amber eyes. He has a scar running from top of his forehead through his left eyebrow - received from Coaxoch prior to his apprehension during the Underhill raid. He has multiple miscellaneous minor scars from a life of undisclosed hardship.

Kaimkillen moves with an unassuming slouch that might deceive others into thinking him harmless. He speaks in an even-toned, slightly raspy voice and regularly smells of tobacco. His humanization remains at a moderate level, but has increased due to adaptation in Salsolan society. As a Mendicant, he is allowed a small range of shabby, well-worn clothing items to rotate through.

The only unique over-wear he frequently dons is a particularly raggedy, double-layered, olive green capelet, fastened at the throat collar by a single tarnished brass button.
Kaimkillen is a keen, taciturn individual, who appears content to serve his sentencing. Years of servitude, however, have worn down his cautious tongue and made him bitter to his status beneath the family and newcomers of Salsola. Despite this, he works hard to maintain the outward image of a dutiful servant as best he can, only occasionally becoming too comfortable and allowing his mask to slip, presenting disdain for his menial work.

At the top of his game, the gold-headed hybrid is a seeming pawn of great employ: especially unobtrusive, watchful to all the goings on in the Thistle Kingdom, and perceptive to a frightful degree. He is someone who knows how to keep a secret and when to use one to his advantage, though he remains particularly tight-lipped for his own well being.

Avoidant and careful of the company he presents himself to, Kaimkillen often (purposefully) comes off as lazy and apathetic, yet his high level of overall competence is hardly ever missed or mistaken. He is useful in many aspects - somewhat a jack of all trades when it comes to a proficiency in providing for others - but he continues to hide the true avenues of his expertise, which lie in a natural aptitude for espionage and tactics.

A mysterious young man from the far west. Nobody knows much about Kaimkillen's past - only that his present has been the result of a series of extremely unfortunate circumstances. His voyage to Nova Scotia was beset with many hardships, from poverty and hunger to illness and injury. Destitute, and with a deadly winter nipping at his heels, Kaim made the poor mistake of falling in with the Underhill Camp gang - who were, themselves, about to become victims of fate.

Persecuted by Salsola for their nearness to the border and unrelated, less scrupulous crimes, those affiliated with the Underhill Camp were confronted by a raiding party of some of the Thistle Kingdom's finest. Whilst the other members of the crew were swift to fight, Kaim - wise for all his youth - saw the inevitability of their capture and quickly submitted, though not before wounding one of their own.

The only detained survivor of what turned out to be a bloodbath, the coyote was dragged back to the kingdom and sentenced to serve as a Mendicant until the totality of his debt (being, if temporarily, an aggressor to the crown) is paid.

At least this way he has regular meals. In this hard life, beggars can't be choosers.
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