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Luperci Pup Sitter Tier I The Brotherhood: Master of Tooth and Claw Lilac Heart Woven into shape
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27th June 2020
Luperci Ortus
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As a pup Nilda was always smaller than her brother. Though that still rings true as she stands a few inches shorter than both her mother and brother. Her height to body mass is very unportotionate as she has a thinner frame than her mother and brother. Looking more like some of her smaller Hushhowl family members. While her framing is thin, rigorous training has led to strongly toned muscles. She tends to be outweighed by most of the wolves her age. She still holds a lot of the lanky look most youth have as opposed to the more filled out adults.

Nilda is a delightful blend of Catori and Hushhowl bloodlines. As her body is primarily a very light grey almost white depending on season. Dallas brown dances down her back along her shoulders and rump. Her muzzle is dipped with the same brown as it trails up her face and around both eyes finishing with her ears. Bokara grey traces itself from her nose partially over her eyes and down her back. Her paws are also dipped in this color looking as though she stepped in a puddle of ink.

Since her pup napping Nilda has taken time to reclaim her body for herself as she had Cerberus cut half her right ear removing the brand that was placed in it. Also upon entering the brotherhood she has scarred her left shoulder to resemble the scars her mother carries. The bridge of her nose holds to horizontal scars purely because she likes how it looks. On her back she has scarred the mark of the Catori family. When I’m Optime form Nilda always paints her Hushhowl eye markings. She always wants to represent both sides of her family. She even goes as far as donning the sun of Fenris on her right shoulder armor to show her ties to the Knight clan.

In Optime form Nilda normally keeps her hair in a haphazard bun or down with a few chunks braided. Sometimes she allows Dawn to add painted wood beads to her braids normally though only for formal gatherings. When donning her rank cloak she has had it shortened to just below the shoulder the fox fur is firmly attached to the top of her right shoulder armor.

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Primary coat color: Very light grey
Secondary coat color: Dallas and Bokara grey
One type of marking here: Dallas brown around the muzzle and eyes, striped down her tail, down both shoulders and hips
Second type of marking here: Bokara grey nose stripe around her eyes down her back down her tail in two stripes
Eyes: Dark pastel green
Optime Hair: Optime hair color Bokara grey with Dallas mixed in
Nose and Paw Pads: Skin color

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Optime | Secui | Lupus
5’ 6” 158lbs|38” 128lbs|26” 68lbs
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Headstrong, reckless, carefree
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In her youth Nilda was fearless, her greatest strength and weakness. She had a thirst for adventure and all the courage to back it up. To match her outgoing nature she speaks in ways that would have most tongue tied as she would ramble on so fast leaving adults lost trying to catch up.

As all things do her youthful playfulness seems to ebb away with each new trauma. After being saved by her parents and mentor Nilda is more cautious in what she does outside the pack. Knowing the world isn’t all good was the first sobering thing for the young woman. While she doesn’t follow the blinding good that is the backbone to some of casa she walks a mostly straight path.

Entering her second year Nilda has she’d many insecurities that once plagued her. Fear of the world outside Casa has turned into fuel that pushes the young brotherhood member forward.

Nilda is known around the pack as the goofy fun loving pup sitter. Enjoying her days helping to raise casa youth.

Strong willed and determined when not watching pups Nilda can be found training in the fort or patrolling the borders as she takes her rank very seriously.

Loving and warm, Nilda raises her son alongside her family relying on her mothers and her current partner Cerberus. She’s easily affectionate with her family though some may think she’s cold towards Cerberus. She attempts to push him as hard as she pushes herself.

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How others may see Nilda
Nildas mother would describe her as bravely stupid there’s not a reserved bone in the young girls body though that may change with age. If there’s a fight to be had Nilda is probably in the thick of it. The first to suggest or go after something without a plan. Though she may be a hot head or a bit brash family comes first.

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Mother Armani Catori
Mother Dawn Hushhowl
Father Pushok Hushhowl

Partner Cerberus Ganesa
-son Abiri Catori
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Abiri Catori
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Early Life

Nilda was born beside her brother Lyall, amidst the chaos of Luca Knight’s fall from leadership. She was raised alongside her Milk siblings Maisie and Brannon O’Neil after their mother died during childbirth.

Her first few months were spent with her parents doing the best they could to shield her and her siblings from all that was happening. She never knew what had happened until she was much older.

In her youth she was always closer to her father than her mother. Constantly fighting with Armani as a headstrong child. Spending a lot of time with her fun loving father who taught her balance between fun and hard work.

December brought snow and change for her siblings. During this time Nilda struggled with not shifting and tension between herself and her mother were at an all time high. The two got into a large fight where Nilda ended up living with Pushok to allow the two time to cool down and heal.

When her mentor ceremony came around she was paired with Guinevere. Striving to be the best she could, Nilda constantly pushed herself. Training with Guin every chance she got, she buried herself in learning to read, waiting for the day she could learn to write when she shifted.

Towards the end of January Nilda decided while angry to roam the border edge. She was soon overpowered and kidnapped by Titus and his partner in crime Lux. Luckily for her her mentor, mother and father came to her rescue. Upon arriving home in Casa Nilda found herself trapped in her own head. Too afraid to enter the sparring ring she dove full force into other lessons.

Losing her first blood fight to her sister Maisie. Nilda still manages to pass and move into the cadet ranks due to her hard work and dedication.
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Year One

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Year Two
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