Nilda Catori

Casa di Cavalieri
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Luperci Pup Sitter Tier I The Brotherhood: Master of Tooth and Claw Lilac Heart Woven into shape
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27th June 2020
Luperci Ortus
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Primary coat color: Very light grey
Secondary coat color: Dallas and Bokara grey
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Second type of marking here:
Eyes: Dark pastel green
Optime Hair: Optime hair color Bokara grey with Dallas mixed in
Nose and Paw Pads: Skin color

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Optime | Secui | Lupus
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In her youth Nilda was fearless, her greatest strength and weakness. She had a thirst for adventure and all the courage to back it up. To match her outgoing nature she speaks in ways that would have most tongue tied as she would ramble on so fast leaving adults lost trying to catch up.

As all things do her youthful playfulness seems to ebb away with each new trauma. After being saved by her parents and mentor Nilda is more cautious in what she does outside the pack. Knowing the world isn’t all good was the first sobering thing for the young woman. While she doesn’t follow the blinding good that is the backbone to some of casa she walks a mostly straight path.

In the wake of her mother’s death Nilda finds herself shattered. Her mother was always a constant source of support even when she didn’t want it. By the time she had realized what her mother had been doing it was too late. She never got a chance to thank her for pushing her forward for getting her to strive to be the best she could be. Brewing deep in her in the push to strive for the top. If Maman wasn’t there to fill the spot Nilda would fill it herself. Her goal to move into the brotherhood changes from wanting to prove her worth to wanting to carry her mother’s mantle and legacy. Resentment falls to the wayside as she fills the void left in her chest with a push to do as her mother once did.

But seeing her world fall apart as her mama is destroyed from the death of her Maman. Nilda finds herself with a bitter taste. If love leaves one so empty she wasn’t sure she wanted love. She finds herself in a balancing act of upholding her mother’s so called mantle in her head and holding her family up. Trying to become the rock her siblings and mama need she voids herself of love worried it will get in her way. She forces herself to take Maman’s spot not as lover but wanting to mother and nurture Electa. Finding herself in a strange spot as she begins to discover both who she is as a member of casa and who she is sexually.The weight of the Catori line seems to rest on her shoulders and she no longer knows if building a family is even what she wants. That in of itself puts more weight on the young woman as she wonders if she’s the last of her mother’s legacy.

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How others see Nilda
Nildas mother would describe her as bravely stupid there’s not a reserved bone in the young girls body though that may change with age. If there’s a fight to be had Nilda is probably in the thick of it. The first to suggest or go after something without a plan. Though she may be a hot head or a bit brash family comes first.

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Mother Armani Catori
Mother Dawn Hushhowl
Father Pushok Hushhowl
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