Hageshi Tanaka

Luperci Oh the places you'll go
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Wolf hybrid
Date of Birth:
1st June 2020
Hageshi Tanaka is a high content wolfdog, predominantly grey wolf, with a mixing bowl of Italian, arctic, eastern and Mackenzie Valley Wolf. Dog, Belgian Malinois, to be exact only counts for 12.5% of her heritage. Due to the small percentage of dog, she resembles a full fledged wolf, versus a hybrid of any proportions.

The Tanaka daughter's pelt consists of greys, browns and creams. The darker colors reside over the top of her head and back, and flows down the top of her tail. Lighter furs highlight the underside of the muzzle, down the throat, chest, underbelly, bottom of tail and feathers along her haunches. The fur around her eyes, eyebrows and inner ears are also of a lighter tint.

Paw pads, nose, lips and eyeliner are a dark grey, almost black. The dark eyeliner contrasts against her light blue eyes, making them stand out and the color really pop. The young wolf hybrid's pelt is dense, with a thick and soft undercoat, especially during the winter month, to keep her protected for the brutal and frigid air in the Realm. Hageshi's tail is long, and with slightly more fluff than a typical wolf.

For height and size, she is midrange between her siblings, and takes after her mother Kalypso. In lupus she stands at around 31 inches and weighs approximately 78 pounds; secui form she grows just over ten inches, making her about 42 inches and 150 lbs; finally, in optime she is 6 foot 5 inches and 243 lbs. While in her bipedal form, she has long wavy hair, the color of her darker fur with an occasional highlight of her lighter colors of her pelt. The hair comes down to the middle of her back which is held back loosely with a leather tie, with a few twists around her crown and wisps of hair framing her face.
Of her littermates, Hageshi may be the most normal out of all of them. While she doesn't mind going out into the Realm and beyond to explore and spend time with her packmates, she is most happy at home. She may seem quiet and reserved to most, but she is always thinking and taking in everything around her. Only those that are closest to her see her shine in her true form.

Out of her family, she is closest to her dad, who she has spent hours practicing swordsmanship, carpentry, and learning about plants among other things. Hageshi is pretty disciplined in her studies, and makes sure to carve out time weekly, if not daily to practice different things. She is also very close to her brother, Yuki, and his owl Keikai, even going as far as adjusting her sleep schedule to be partly nocturnal so that her sibling isn't alone a lot. Though she may not be as close to the rest of her family, it doesn't mean that she doesn't love them dearly, and would always be there if they needed her, no matter the time of day or night.

Now that she is slightly older, and hormones are starting to play a roll, Hageshi will start to explore different paths. She sees a luperci for who they are, not what they are, and as long as she connects with someone on a deep level, she may be interested in some sort of partnership in the future. But she is still discovering herself and is more focused on family, friends and learning.
Parents: Kalypso Savoy and Torabera Tanaka
Littermates: Leandra Savoy, Valkyrie Savoy, Yuki Tanaka, Hokori Tanaka and Dorian Savoy
Half-Siblings: Eulalie Savoy, Isadore Savoy and Athalie Savoy
cNPC - Sindri Sadira
Telly (Telluride) - Golden champagne mare.
Kuru - Light Morphed Rough-legged Hawk
Born to Kalypso Savoy and Torabera Tanaka, Hageshi was one of six littermates who were whelped in June of 2020, including Valkyrie Savoy, Yuki Tanaka, Hokori Tanaka, Dorian Savoy and Leandra Savoy.

As a young pup she did typical puppy antics, wrestling with siblings and curled into a puppy pile to sleep. As she got older, she became very focused in studies and learning. Learning to speak fluently in both English and Spanish, as well as picking up a few phrases and words in French. Beyond language she learned reading, writing and arithmetic. Once she shifted, a whole new world opened up to her and her love for swordsmanship, painting, horses and woodwork really began to flourish, really any activity she could be hands on with she took to well. Hageshi also took a liking to her brother Yuki's owl and thought about getting into falconry in the future, but it has not come to fruition yet.

Up until recently life had been relatively normal, with no worries for the young Tanaka. But soon the Realm started changing. Once the building in the heart of the square was set fire in the middle of the night, things seemed to escalate from there, including weird and eerie symbols, letters and medallions being found throughout her home. Still Hageshi kept to her own, and became more of a homebody, until the disappearances of the Realm's youth struck too close to home when Yuki and Valkyrie were lured away. Now she worried for her family and her pack as they are under siege, and unsure of what the future will hold.

The Realm had come out the other side and survived. She had also been through hell and the man with piercing blue eyes still haunted her dreams, but she had survived. Hageshi even managed a successful trade trip through the 'Soulsverse and returned renewed and with new companions. It was now her time to shine and show New Caledonia what she was made of, and prove that she was indeed the daughter of Kalypso Savoy and Torabera Tanaka.
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