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Quatre is of the grey wolf species, and she is about average size for her species. She stands at twenty-five inches at the shoulders, and she weighs about 75 lbs. Her fur is ragged and ruffled, and has the look of being unkempt even though she is constantly trying to smooth it down. Most of her fur is a silvery-grey, particularly around the areas along her back and her flanks. Her chest and legs are a lighter grey fading into white. Her ears and tail are tipped with darker grey, almost black fur, and her eyes are a faded, pale green that look hazel when the sun strikes them directly. She has scars aplenty from her rough life before now. Along her right flank are multiple claw scars, barely covered by her ragged, lanky grey fur. Her throat is also scarred thickly, though she hardly ever lets anyone see it, tucking her neck fur in at all times except when she bares her belly in submission. Her left ear is also in scraps at the ends, jagged from where the tips were torn.
Quatre is a complicated wolf. She is a quiet, thinking wolf. Part of this comes from her cracked vocal chords, leaving her voice raspy, her whines whistling, and her howls broken and choppy.

Embarrassed by her voice, she hardly ever speaks, and when she does, she is convinced that all are laughing at her, even if they aren’t. Because of her quietness, when she does speak, the words are well-thought out and usually important or necessary. She is a hard wolf to impress, as despite being only two years of age, she has seen a lot in her life, much of it terrible, horrible things. Because of her rocky past, she does not trust easily. Even when one has gained her trust, she is always on the watch for possible trickery.

She finds comfort in watching pups play and roll around and have fun, though. It reminds her of better days, and gives her hope for a lighter future. She would love to share her knowledge and experience in teaching, if only she could get over her embarrassment of her voice. She does not get angry easily, and when she does, it is a quiet, smoldering anger that makes her tone go softer and deeper, more dangerous.

She is a naturally submissive wolf, though, so she usually lets the anger pass after a few moments of feeling it, unable to confront whoever or whatever is making her upset.
Quatre’s past is hard for her to think about, but she often visits them in her nightmares, which she has almost every night.
She was born into a rather large pack for grey wolves, with already four adult wolves in the pack and two more yearlings. As she was her mother’s fourth pup, she was given the name of ‘Quatre.’ Only her and her brother, Bone, survived to their first year.

Unfortunately, soon after they had become yearlings and began to learn the ways of the pack, Coyote Luperci attacked the pack, killing all but the two yearlings. Then, the Luperci tied Quatre and her brother up, forcing them to come with them.

The Luperci had brought them to a dark place where they were forced into a clearing surrounded by a stone fence. The two wolves were then placed in a fight against an adult dog twice their size. Bone was dead before Quatre could figure out what was happening. She was left facing the large dog alone and terrified. Somehow she managed to trick the dog and kill it by sinking her teeth into the back of its neck and snapping it by shaking, but the experience left her scarred along her flanks and the dog had managed to dig its claws into her throat and scrape her vocal chords before she had managed it.

She stayed two weeks in that dark, horrid place, having to fight more dogs, before she had finally managed an escape. The Coyotes barely fed her, and only gave her the most basic of medical aid - bandaging up her wounds roughly.

One night she spotted the fence at the end of the clearing open to the outside, where she glimpsed the edges of a forest, where she knew she could hide. She waited until the perfect moment, and the Luperci, in their arrogance, believed her long broken and slipped up, turning their backs on her to argue amongst themselves for a moment. She bolted out the door and into the woods before the Luperci were able to react. She hid inside a large, abandoned badger den for three days straight before she dared to venture out, driven by her starving stomach.

Unfortunately, the Luperci had left her with one last parting gift: their sickness - or so Quatre believed it to be. They had thought it funny to infect her with their sickness purposefully, when she so obviously hated them.

One night while she was contemplating her escape, she found herself growing, shifting, changing. When she finally changed fully, she looked at her alien form and burst into heart-wrenching sobs.

Quatre has slowly come to accept what happened to her. Though she fears Coyote Luperci greatly, she hopes to find a wolf Luperci pack to take her in and allow her to rest from the violence and fight for survival that her life has become.
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