Yuki Tanaka

The Family

The Family
Luperci Priest II, Falconer II, Hunter II
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Discord Handle: JazzytheHippo#1273
Date of Birth:
1st June 2020
Yuki is a soft splash of various light greys, various tones across his body in streaks, with his underside being slightly lighter than the fur across his sides and back. Parallel to the darker grey streaks are faint lines of beige brown, so fair that they blend seemlessly into his soft fur tones. The darkest patches of grey on Yuki are near his ribs, again parallel to streaks of lighter grey and the brown, and atop his head. This particular patch of dark grey creates a half mask of Yuki's face, and is most prominently seen when he is in Optime form, as it is the colour his hair takes on.

Yuki's hair is long and unkept, but usually kept held back in a bun, tastles of the thick and unruly hair draping down over his brow or escaping from his bun. His remaining good eye is a soft, powdered blue, whilst the ruined one is a pale and dead looking grey or milky white. This damaged eye is surrounded by a splash of ugly and awful looking scars that paint the right side of Yuki's face, starting from just behind the brow in a jagged streak, to then patches of scars on his brow, eye and just below. The damaged eye is unmoving, and the scarred eyelid around it hardly ever blinks, Yuki tending to lean his head so his left side shows more often for his own benefit of being able to see but also to hide away those awful wounds.

Standing at an average height of 5' 9'', Yuki is lean and a bit on the skinny side, but showing more signs of better health with the right care. His voice shakes as he speaks, a pressure put on his tone by his constant confusion, but there is still a kindness to his voice that has always been a trademark of how the Tanaka man speaks. He wears a set of thick, dark blue clothing along with a hooded cloak that he cherishes. On his neck he wears a necklace made of string and a small yet detailed wooden owl, which he never seems to take off.
Yuki has always been a kind and polite soul. His intentions have always been to help others or simply share their company, humbled by his sleeping curse to always see a great value in others. His sleeping curse, narcolepsy, often causes Yuki to fall asleep at random times, or struggle to remain awake during times of rest. His most active time is at night, though he's managed to remain awake for at least a few hours of daylight, provided he doesn't have too many sleeping episodes.

His brain being damaged has not helped the situation. His sleeping curse had often had the added side effect of making Yuki's mind lose grip on recent memories, often causing Yuki to wake up confused. With his new injuries and brain damage, this has been exasperated tenfold. Memory loss is an almost daily occurance, with random patches of Yuki's thoughts vanishing or reappearing, perhaps even flipped around and changed into events that never even happened. It leaves him frequently confused and panicked, a state that has leaked into his personality by making Yuki far more timid than he'd ever been before.

That longing to make connections and be kind to others remains, but when it pairs with the constant threat of forgetting those around him, Yuki now lives in a world where he needs to work twice as hard to remain himself.
Mother: Kalypso Savoy
Father: Toraberā Tanaka
Siblings: Hageshi Tanaka, Leandra Savoy, Valkyrie Savoy, Hokori Tanaka, Dorian Savoy
Half-Siblings: Eulalie Savoy, Isadore Savoy, Athalie Savoy

Salsolan Sponsor: Arius de le Ulrich
Yuki's life had been a peaceful one for the first year and a half. Despite his sleeping curse he found life still fulfilling; finding a friend in the Great Horned Owl, Keikai, as well as some jobs to give his life some meaning. Lonely as Yuki often felt given his reliance on being nocturnal, he still felt wanted within the Realm and his family.

The war, the Tear in the Tapestry, that shook so many Caledonians and changed their lives, did not give Yuki a free pass. Avoiding injuries in helping his older sister escape the ambush attacks from the enemy, Yuki's luck didn't strike twice as he came to the aid of a young Atica Songthorn, pushing her out of the way of a vicious man and his mace. Only to take the hit himself, twice, to the side of his head.

Truthfully, Yuki had no right surviving those skull smashing wounds, yet somehow he did. Though often, in small moments of intense clarity, Yuki wonders if he would've been better off dying.

Trapped for a year in his own head, brain damaged by the attacks and without any sign of recovery, Yuki fled his home. He'd lost all confidence and meaning, his loving family unable to fix the damage done to him, so Yuki left. He was captured by opportunistic thieves, but then rescued by the quiet Salsolan, Arius, who guided Yuki back home to the Realm. However once there, Yuki's fragile mind remembered the reason he left to begin with, and after some discussion it was Arius himself who offered to take Yuki to Salsola for the chance of a new start to his life.

Since joining Salsola, Yuki has been sitting in the shadow of his sponsor. Comfortable though, as his damaged mind still taunts him with moments of complete memory loss or lapses in his control, having Arius as a safety blanket has been the one thing keeping Yuki going.

But he still wishes to do something for himself, to lean quite less heavily on his caring sponsor and prove himself to his new 'family', so long as his mind doesn't fight him all the way.
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