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Average height and stocky, with a thin, black coat. Has tan dots above his green eyes, but no other markings. Tobi has well-formed muscles from lots of manual labour, which can make him look reasonably intimidating until he opens his mouth.

Except for when hauling logs (in Secui form), Tobi is most often in Optime form and wears a thick, fur-lined jacket and a fur kilt-like wrap around his waist. Sometimes has an axe belt or tool belt.
A vivacious flirt who likes to drink. Super bi, but looser with men because he's afraid of accidentally fathering children. Acts like he hates work and is a slacker (he complains a lot, but is actually very hardworking and serious about improving at his trade).

Easily frustrated with himself and others, wants to improve faster than is probably realistic, and tends to beat himself over failures internally while blaming basically everything but himself publicly. He really hates being teased about the Goodboy family's reputation for working hard and moral steadfastness.
Tobi's uncle, Mitchell Goodboy, is a well-respected, construction-focused woodworker who has been developing the cutting edge of Luperci architecture in Savannah. Growing up, Tobi and his brother Indi often watched or helped Mitchell take apart and put back together old human homes that weren't being used.

While Indi continued that path and began helping Mitchell with projects as he got older, Tobi instead found that he enjoyed working on smaller, practical items instead. He doesn't consider construction, especially new construction, particularly necessary since they have so many old human structures to make use of. Apparently this isn't the case in the boonies of Nova Scotia though. :|
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