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El Elegido
Luperci Outfitter I, Machetero I
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Discord Handle: LRaeWesty92#6066
Coydog - 50% Australian, Shepherd, 25% Alaskan Malamute, 25% California Valley Coyote
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17th August 2017
Luperci Ortus

Built with sturdy and durable bones and muscle like a working dog, with a thick, feathered double coat, but still somehow maintaining a more feminine and soft look to her with taller coyote ears. She prefers OPTIME form over all others and is most often seen wearing a white peasant blouse with simple lace cuffs and a low cut front, a deep red corset vest with gold embroidered accents, a medium length, black, ruffled skirt, longer in the back than in the front, and a black cowboy hat with a shimmering maroon pheasant feather sticking out of the brim. She is always armed with a hidden set of daggers on her thighs and a couple other tricks upon her person...
You just gotta take the time and effort to get to know her to unravel all the lies and layers. She's a very complex individual and has a lot to tell. She's been through a lot, and isn't what she seems. And yet...she's so much more than she seems. Do. NOT. Underestimate. Her!

by Dark
Doesn't talk about her family or her past much.
cNPC: Zsorthia Mercedes (Business Partner, DCG Tanner)
"Buck" The Rules -QH Stallion
Her life is a big ol' lie. Running from the truth is what she's doing. The past will catch up to her eventually. She's got a lot of secrets and you'll have to get to know her to unravel everything that's really going on with this girl. She's got a dark heart and her soft, sweet demeanor won't last forever...
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