Kyrios Lykoi

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8th March 2013
Though the size of a small wolf, Kyrios is clearly a coyote-dominant hybrid with large, pointed ears and bottle-brush tail. His muzzle is wolfish in length, but tapers like a coyote.

His coat is primarily a warm cream color, though reddish tan, black, and white are all mixed in prominently. Most notable are the black markings around his clear, blue eyes, patch of white above his nose, and the streak of white across the top of his head and along his neck and upper back -- which show up as shock of white hair in his Optime form, which is his most common form.

Kyrios looks young for his age, as he's extremely fastidious with regards to his appearance. His cleanliness and general mannerisms may suggest that he's better off than he actually is. He has no scars or piercings. There is a Lykoi chaos star tattooed to his lower back.

He doesn't wear much clothing, but often has a large bow and quiver, and occasionally a satchel or utility belt. In warmer weather, he wears a short, half-length cape around his shoulders. In colder weather, he typically has a black, bearskin cloak that reaches his ankles.

For the most part, Kyrios appears easygoing and friendly. He smiles easily and with the utmost sincerity. He generally seems interested in others and is very adept at focusing the conversation's attentions towards the other person's problems and interests, rather than his own. Though he would never claim to be an expert in much of anything, he can converse at length on a myriad of topics and enjoys figuring out others' areas of expertise so that they might regal him with their knowledge.

Kyrios is somewhat suspicious of wolves and wolf-dominant hybrids, at least at first. He is very suspicious of scent-masking, overly casual personalities, and freely or eagerly offered information, but given his casual deposition, these suspicions rarely show. And in general, he does tend to judge others by their words and actions to him specifically more than their appearance, purported allegiance, or reputation.

In spite of everything, Kyrios has led a relatively fortunate life, even as a loner. He's self-sufficient and provides easily for himself. So while he does not consider himself particularly charitable, he has few needs or wants, and may freely give food or supplies to strangers in exchange for simple conversation.
Zaku, a bay mare (Palfrey type Svantevit horse, b. 2008). Sweet and loyal, very accustomed to being around and working with Kyrios after many years together. Will tolerate other riders, but becomes nervous if Kyrios is not within sight.
Growing up, Kyrios was privileged and spoiled. The blood-born son of the clan's leader, he had the run of the land in many ways and the best of everything the Inferni could provide him. He was the most rambunctious of his litter and quite arrogant as a child.

As an adult in Inferni, Kyrios appeared to most as a vain, lazy prince and a harmless, if sometimes annoying, flirt. He liked gossip and drama, but was almost never involved in any. He could still be quite condescending at times, though it became more subtle with time. But he rarely talked about himself, had no apparent interest in justifying his better-than-thou attitude, kept most people at arm's length, and did not seem to have ambition beyond doing as little as possible around the pack.

Following the razing of D'Neville during the Inferni-Salsola War, Kyrios chose to flee Inferni, rather than see it face its decisive defeat. Since the loss of his home, Kyrios has become more reserved, though this likely isn't noticeable to most, as he's generally upbeat, easygoing, and charming to strangers.

After three years away, Kyrios returned to Nova Scotia, though he really isn't sure why.
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