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La Carne
Luperci Gaucho I, Ladróna II, Caballista III Mate to Bennett Kingpin Mojave Sage
dust and memories
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22nd July 2019
Between the smoky hues of grey and the dusty ochre accents, combined with her large ears, tapered muzzle, and slight build, there is no mistaking Rafaela for anything other than a coyote. A mix of three different subspecies, there are few occasions where a trait from one outshines the others, giving her a relatively well-rounded appearance.

Rafaela's fur is straight and dense, however, perhaps owing to the higher content of Mexican coyote in her genetic make-up, it is not as thick as that of a full-blooded Northwestern coyote. Her broader muzzle, too, bears evidence of her dominant Mexican heritage while her ears take more after her other coyote subspecies. The springy, verdant hue of her eyes was a gift from her father, though the sharp and mistrusting way she holds them is decidedly more reminiscent of her mother.

On the smaller side of average in size, Rafaela has a slim and somewhat androgynous build, standing 5 ft 5 in (165.1 cm) and weighing in at 138 lbs (62.6 kg). Due to her work with horses, she rarely shifts out of her Optime form but, unlike many of her fellow Ashen, she typical forgoes clothing aside from wearing scarves and bandanas.
There has always been a bit of impatience and gruffness about Rafaela, who, as a child, frequently tested boundaries and regularly rebelled, but it was age, experience, and loss that molded her into the guarded and cynical woman she has become.

Inherently mistrustful, particularly of those who are not Ashen, there are few within Rafaela's social circle and fewer still with whom she shows vulnerability. While Desconocidos are always regarded with caution and doubt, she knows most of her fellow Gang members enough to freely socialize with them and assist them with pack duties.

But she keeps herself guarded nonetheless. When she is with the horses, be it riding, training, or tending, Rafaela is in her most peaceful frame of mind. She sometimes finds it easier to understand and work with horses than she does her own peers. But this has not made her antisocial. While she may sometimes be quite taciturn and occasionally even a little pugnacious, Rafa does not avoid Luperci or shy away from social interactions.

Besides her horse companions, it is with her siblings, particularly her adopted brother, Remy, and her two younger sisters, that Rafaela shows the most love and devotion.
Family Tree: Escuella, Tejada
Rafaela Tejada is an aspiring horse trainer from the Del Cenere Gang, where she is currently ranked in the mid-echelon tier Las Brasas.

One of three children born into Evelyn Escuella and Santiago Tejada's first litter, and raised alongside an adopted brother, Rafaela's early life was largely unremarkable and filled with happy memories. She spent much of her time learning about horses from her father and (mostly) minding her manners around her mother, but there were changes afoot as her first birthday neared and she stepped into adulthood just in time to navigate the tragic loss of her sister, Luciana.

In the wake of the the turmoil and tragedy that befell her family, Rafaela splits her time between ensuring her younger sisters are looked after and helping to care for the Gang's communal horses. She spends as little time at home as possible and is usually seen with the Tierra Amplia herd in Broke-Leg Marsh.

After acquiring her Gaucho Occupation, Rafa has stepped up her efforts to become the best dang horsewoman this side of New Brunswick, looking for every opportunity to gain experience in both training and wrangling while also considering a future side business of crafting horse tack.
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