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5th December 2014
Luperci Ortus
On the large end of average, Catskill is long legged and lean. He has a strong, powerful looking neck and upper body. Entirely wolf, he has no signs of hybridization within him – though he himself is of mixed subspecies, this would be difficult to determine. Catskill has a thick, brownish coat and pale yellow eyes. He regularly travels in his Secui form, which accentuates his limbs and streamlined build.

In his Optime form his upper body strength is apparent. Catskill keeps his hair cut at shoulder length. He has several garments he circulates through, all of which feature quality furs or otherwise unique looking material.
Driven by goals he can't quite put into words, Catskill is multifaceted. He has always been driven to adventure, seeking to satisfy his needs. With these being as ambiguous as they seem, a few facts remain certain: Catskill is charming, stubborn, and a man who sets his ever-changing plans into action with little hesitation. He enjoys company of all sorts, but is wise enough to choose his friends carefully – and just as carefully avoid those who look like trouble. This does, however, leave him rather judgmental when it comes to the appearances of others. His biggest flaw is perhaps how certain he is of his own capabilities and good luck.
cNPC: Ukiuk
Minor NPCS: LaVern, Hawksaw
Catskill Kinderhook is a trader from Quebec. He and his traveling companion, Ukiuk, have come to Nova Scotia to do business.

He grew up in Senneterre, in the northwestern portion of Quebec. His pack was one of several in the region, holding claim over a vast area of forested land and portion of the waterways within the area. Catskill was brought up learning how to hunt, trap, and prepare animal pelts. He eventually grew frustrated by the area's lack of excitement and growth, and sought to make his fortune elsewhere.

Over time, Catskill has expanded his network and the assortment of items he can find. Ever eager to advance further, information about new and greater opportunities took him all over north-central Canada. While word of Portland was what first brought Catskill to the area, he is equally keen on finding new outlets for his goods among the population of 'Souls.
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