Itachi Lykoi

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22nd June 2010
Luperci Ortus
[dimensions]6ft,5,5in 209lbs 43in 140lbs 72in 32in 80lbs 65in[/dimensions]

Itachi is a wolf dominant hybrid dressed in Dark Buff fur with Light Blonde running along his underside. He has a a splash of Drab on his muzzle, along his ears, and mixed into his saddle. His eyes are a wicked Crimson, with traces of Electric Purple rimming his pupils.

He is medium sized for a wolf, but has well defined muscles and a very low fat percentage. He sports a combination of agility and strength, and appears larger than he in reality is because of his compact, arctic fur.

Quiet and stoic. He has a twisted view of the world and other beings,his children excluded. He is loyal, but does not allow emotion to steer him in any direction.

The Lykoi is a loner by nature, but remains relatively loyal to Salsola and business partners. He has little patience for earthly riches, and is rather indifferent to the hierarchy he is a part of. He respects those who deserve it with minimalistic effort and keeps a consistent, cold demeanour that is quite unnerving to quite a number of canines.

Although Salsola overall is suspicious of outsiders, Itachi holds no biases, though there is a darkness within the beholder.
Itachi was born in Inferni as the only child of Halo Lykoi. He was raised by Kaena Lykoi, though left the coyote clan at a young age to become one of the founding members of Anathema. Later, he again helped in the creating of a pack, Salsola. He later brought his childhood love, China Rose Lykoi, to the pack, and they lived there for a while before she died in childbirth, leaving him with a son and a daughter. Siv Helsi served as nurse for the newborns, and for the prolonged benefit of their children, the two of them arranged to be mated. Then Siv died and he was alone again and his daughter married this terrible swordsman and everything is bad and he slapped Loki and much sadness.
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