Celia Knight

Casa di Cavalieri
Second Cadet (NPC)
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1st June 2020
Luperci Ortus
Celia cuts a somewhat masculine figure, with a rectangular torso, broad shoulders, a thick waist, and cropped hair. It is easy to see at a quick glance that she is compact and powerful, albeit much stouter than many of her close relatives at Optime 6ft. Her markings are reminiscent of her biological mother, but she inherited her father's fiery gaze and both of her parents' steady demeanor. She has a scar on her left hand from her first encounter with Parzival, her adopted cougar brother.

As a silhouette, Celia is rather still and upright. She is not known to fidget, and has grown out of her adolescent hunching posture. She moves with intent, but not with particular speed. Celia's gait is relaxed and energy-conserving.

She prefers to be unclothed except in extreme cold weather, during which she wears a simple cloak with rabbit fur trim, per her Cadet rank. Otherwise, she usually wears a pair of well-made leather bracers with fox fur inlay.

Celia's speech leans formal, and it isn't overtly emotive. She has a deadpan sense of humor, and it may be difficult to tell if she is joking or being quite serious.
In summary: good-humored, patient, earnest, stubborn, dismissive, straight edge.

Celia seems to be a mild and reserved person -- perhaps even a little boring to be around, until you give her a reason to tease you. Born during a period of peace in the pack, she spent her earliest months unencumbered by trauma of extreme sort. She is emotionally stable and is unlikely to start shit but, like her father, she will finish it. Her thinking is straightforward and honest, her motives plainly written in her actions. She can be unintentionally dismissive or invalidating in her directness; however, if a friend is the beneficiary of singular attention, she can employ a wealth of patience. It's just a matter of redirecting her from her task or thoughts.

In many ways, Celia is a natural follower -- she will be the first to rally a group to another person's cause that she believes in. She's not quick to share her thoughts, and for all her drive, she feels a little insecure about deviating from norms. For this reason, it can be difficult for her to ask for help in bringing ideas to fruition or meeting her goals. She will often try to accomplish things alone, or with those she trusts implicitly.
Biological mother: Minerva Griffith
Biological father: Cedric Stryder
Full siblings: Soledad Knight
Half siblings: Lyra Damaichu, Ambrose Griffith
Adopted siblings: Fredrick Knight
Celia is a daughter of Cedric Stryder and his then-mate Cidro Amato de la Pena, with Minerva Griffith as her surrogate mother.

By the time she was born, Cidro was no longer around. She and Soledad Stryder spent their earliest weeks in the care of Minerva and her mate, Aldora Knight, with frequent visits from her papa, and they eventually moved in with him and her adopted brother Fredrick Knight. In the winter of her first year, during a period of peace in the pack, she was assigned Zetsubou as her mentor. Throughout the ensuing months, Zetsubou taught her defensive hand-to-hand combat.

That same winter, she and Cedric stumbled upon an orphaned mountain lion cub -- Parzival -- and brought him back to Casa in the hopes of raising him among knights. In her drive to capture him (with helpful intentions), Celia shifted for the first time.

The spring of her first year saw Celia wandering beyond pack borders, often against her father’s wishes, drawn simply by the possibilities of the road. On one multi-day excursion, she encountered a northern goshawk guarding a recent kill and attempted to communicate with it. Not long after that failure, she observed a fisher robbing a goshawk’s nest. In the days following, Celia saw or interacted with the goshawk, always alone, several more times. She began to coax a bond with it by sharing food. When she returned to the pack, it was with a half-wild raptor in the winds above. The bird offered no name, and so far, Celia has not provided one.

In June of 2021, she successfully passed her First Blood ceremony and advanced to the Second Cadet rank in Casa di Cavalieri.
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