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First Cadet
Luperci Healer Tier I Lavander Staff
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Wolf hybrid
Date of Birth:
10th November 2019
Luperci Ortus
Cerberus was cursed at birth with looks that seem to remind his mother of her father Kentaro lykoi. Though the boy is much darker in spots than his predecessor. His build is coyote-dominant. Cerberus’s main pelt color is a layering of three grays; nander starting mid torso changing to heavy metal and then cod gray on his backside.
Cerberus trades his grandfather's muesli shades for richer deeper shades of pings which coat his underbelly, under eye and eye dots.
The darkest color on Cerberus is graphite much like his grandfather . This can most intensely be seen on a mask around his eyes and muzzle, the back of his ears, his front legs, and his scruff.
A deep shade of baker's chocolate graves the front of his limbs along with tinting his cheeks ever so slightly.
His face is also mostly the nander gray and his ears, legs and tip of tail are touched by the cod gray. A barely visible "Lykoi blaze" is found on Cerberus’s snout in a brown pod color.
Optime Hair: Graphite
Nose and Paw Pads: Graphite
Eyes: Cerberus eyes are a deep burgundy.
Scars: none yet
Tattoos: lykoi chaos star in the center of his upper back. Tinted with red dye. Though when given the chance he bothers his sister to paint it in with brighter red dye though it never lasts long.

Nander (#4c5653)
Heavy Metal (#2f302f)
Cod Gray (#0f0f0f)
Punga (#574830)
Bakers chocolate (#5B3210)
Brown pod (#442216)
Burgundy (#690212)
Cerberus is a rather calm individual. He always leans more pacifist when it comes to conflict. While many mistake his calm kind demeanor as weak he sees it as true strength. Cerberus chooses this route because he has a very short fuse. Those who annoy him tend to get bit with words or actual teeth. He always seems to wear his emotions as he just can’t seem to figure out how to fake an emotion.
Achlys: Crow

Eurynomos: Raven
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