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First Cadet
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5th May 2019
Petrichor looks very much like the mixed breed dog that he is, with a little bit of wolf thrown in. He has a thick, coarse double-layer coat that sheds a lot. The somewhat fluffy fur disguises a more wiry frame than is usually expected. His coat is varying shades of gray, and his eyes are light grayish blue. He has a few scars from over the years caused by normal things like playing or a few fights, but they're small enough that his thick fur hides them well.

For a dog, Petrichor is on the larger side, but when compared to wolves, he is somewhat small. He makes up for this with visible attitude. Although Petrichor can smile (really! honest!), he is normally found with a scowl or a look of disdain instead. His posture is standoffish as well, arms crossed, often turned slightly to the side, screaming his disinterest in whatever conversation is happening to him. The light gray fluff on his arms is frustrating because more than once it, along with the same color that framed his face, has been described as cute. Petrichor doesn't want to look cute.

Sometimes his expression and posture may hold the anxiety he tries to hide behind toughness and snark. These slip ups are rare and usually happen when he's faced with something especially anxiety inducing or something that's completely new.
At first, Petrichor seems a quiet individual. He doesn't talk much. He frowns a lot. If pushed... he is mean. Being isolated for a while has affected his social abilities, leading to anxiety when around too many canines in an enclosed space. Anxiety leads to snappishness and to lashing out with harsher words in an attempt to get others to leave him alone.

Petrichor can be gentle, but it comes with a gruffness that stems from feeling out of place. He especially struggles with change. He likes things that follow specific steps, like the order of things when he is processing fur pelts. He tends to skin kills in the same way every time and if he's interrupted, he'll get frustrated and wish that he could start over at the beginning. Cooking can be the same way for him; there is an order of steps to follow that he likes.

Overall, he tends to hold himself apart from others. Petrichor generally feels that he doesn't need companions, not even Battle, who hasn't gone away for whatever reason. Sometimes it's useful to be around other canines, though; there's safety in numbers sometimes. Petrichor drinks to relax whenever he can. It makes social situations easier for him to the point that he gets antsy if he cannot have a drink if he needs to be around more than one or two other canines.
Vellichor - Petrichor's little sister. He was her protector in their birth pack and she's the only one of his family that he would still acknowledge. Thankfully she lives in a different pack now.
Spike - North American Porcupine
Battle Symphony - sometimes friend, sometimes argument partner
Petrichor grew up in an average sized pack. There was a very strict expectation of the council of elders being respected simply because they're elders, which rubbed Petrichor the wrong way from the start. He never wanted to do what they told him, preferring to do what he wanted to do instead. As a pup, that meant running around avoiding everyone and snipping at anyone who talked to him. The attitude confused his parents, but they couldn't figure out what to do. When they had another litter, Petrichor heard them talking about their fears about what he might do to his younger siblings. Only one pup survived, a little female, who was about the only canine in the pack that Petrichor was nice to... sometimes, which started out as yet another way to be contrary. and later became genuine. He was her protector, which later got him into trouble.

As he grew, he learned how to treat fur pelts, though he did not learn how to tan them as leather. He also gained the skill to make very simple clothes from them. Petrichor also found that he liked to cook when he had a chance, experimenting with different ways to flavor meat.

The hold that the council of elders had on the pack slowly tightened. Each time it became more restrictive, Petrichor pushed back harder. It came to a head when the council was trying to arrange a mateship between his sister and another pack member that she didn't want. Petrichor fought that hard, especially because his sister was already planning to mate with a member of a neighboring pack that was not led by idiots.

For his trouble, Petrichor was told that he needed to leave under implied threats of harm. So, he left. He hung around just long enough to see that his sister moved safely to her new pack, and then he moved on. Soon after leaving, he came across a porcupine that decided to make his life hell by following him around and refusing to leave. Petrichor eventually felt bad trying to get rid of him, so he named him Spike and begrudgingly let him stay.

Near the end of the winter, Petrichor met Battle Symphony, a tough looking dog who had clearly fared much better than he did during the cold months. They had been sort of crossing paths for a while, but he had been avoiding her, and it seemed like she was doing the same. One night, she found him huddled in front of a fire and dropped a small deer next to him after informing him that he was clearly inept at taking care of himself. Petrichor disagreed, but he also was not stupid enough to turn down several free meals worth of meat.

After that, they would sometimes share a fire, and to his frustration, she continued to bring him food even though he didn't need it anymore. They even had some conversations that included more than single syllable words and could even be considered pleasant. He was pretty sure she was sticking around due mostly to stubbornness because when he tried to get her to leave, she just gave him a look and didn't.

Spring has made it somewhat easier for him now, but they're still sticking loosely together. Neither leaves an area completely without finding the other.
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