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31st October 2020
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The perfect blend of the original Hushhowl colors: snow white, storm gray, and midnight black. The unique pattern is a perfect blend of her mother and father's. Her father gave her the distinct V across her chest, the ink black paws with diamond cutouts while the rest seems to echo those of Hushhowl blood. Her eyes, she got from her father. A gentle color of wisteria that shy away from most glances.

As a child her fur is not very thick, perhaps thin like that of a jackal but this will change as she grows into her skin though not as thick as some in her family but it will thicken. Growing longer along her tail to create a wisp-like effect, ghostly if it weren't for the darkly dipped tip.

The second shortest Hushhowl, in all three forms she falls short of her family's great stature. In her lupus form she looks like a pup compared to her sister, this is also true for her halfling form. In her optime form she only stands close to 5'2", slightly taller than her aunt Day.

Her body type in optime is a mirror of her mother's of not softer due to her more gentle nature though shorter by almost to feet she carries a very feminine figure. The curves and lines of her body shape an hourglass figure, her shoulders and hips being wider than her thin waist. Even in lupus everything about her screams feminine grace, from the sway in her step, to the delicate placement of her small paws. It's as if she were dancing to a sound no one but her can hear.

Her hair is midnight black but for her bangs, they take the color of snow and ice. Usually styled with flowers and braids, matching the flowing dresses she wears.

Scars: four claw marks from her right side to her ribcage.
Scent: Herbal, notably floral lavender and sweet wisteria.
Unlike her sister, Lyubov is a very quiet and reserved girl. She is one that would rather watch than be in the center spotlight, keeping to herself in most instances. With her reserve nature, she is quiet to the point that most would think her mute upon their first meeting. She finds that she can convey her feelings and words through actions and expressions, she only speaks when she absolutely has to.

Flowers, this is her main obsession. She can name most flowers and their healing or devastating qualities, she can be found either working with flowers or weaving them into her hair in some way of fashion.

She is compassionate, always thinking of others before herself. To her, others are more important. Even if the actions she has to take to please another hurts her, she will usually do it. This is part of her naivety, being so young and excitable about the world around her.

She is excitable, emotional, and easily frustrated. When things go her way or she is promised something, she gets excitable and invested in this but should these plans be canceled or postponed she can get emotional and frustrated. If something does not work the way she planned it, she tends to become sad and cry out of the frustration of everything involving that subject.
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Mother: Dusk Hushhowl
Father: Zetsubou
Older Brother: Borya Hushhowl
Sister: Zasha Hushhowl
Fiora vin Vahn
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Lyubov was born to two Officers of Casa di Cavaliers, Dusk Hushhowl and Zetsubou. She was the last born in a two puppy litter, much smaller than her sister, Zasha. This made her a Cavalier from day one though she is not a knight in shining armor, instead it was apparent that she was more on the softer side. A gentle flower that would rather look at flowers all day rather than train in combat, unlike her sister.

She was a child that would test and push her limits, finding that climbing the tallest canine to be her goal. She was not one to talk, rather she expressed herself through motions but this did not mean she did not play. She had many puppies to play with, not only her sister. She became fast friends with a boy named Lucian, whom she considers her best of friends.

A fateful day made is so that she shifted early and gained her first set of scars. Lyubov and her sister, Zasha, were playing in the forest when they came across a mountain lion. A sudden feel of pain and the little Hushhowl shocked the cat into ceasing its attack due to her early shift, blacking out in the process. Zasha ran and fetched their mother but Lyubov does not know what happen as she woke up with her new form after the events were over.

Now that she has the option to shift she can be found in any form though she usually chooses her optime from so that she can wear dresses and help in the gardens.
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