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Pirate has an almost pure white coat. Speckles of silver mark across his fur to make an almost shimmering effect, as if the man were constantly damp or wet. Black marks also tarnish the pure white, appearing on the tips of Pirate's ears, a stripe across his shoulder blades and two more markings on his tail. His fur is decently thick, as much as any other coyote's would be. His hair, when grown in Optime, is kept very short, but pushed or slicked back to flow down the back of his head and neck.

Pirate's eyes are an olive green, and his skin is marked by scars of his past adventures, though not as many as a man who lives such a dangerous life should rightly have. Across Pirate's left shoulder are two thin slices caused by an old sword wound. Pirate's left ear is missing a chunk from when a piercing was torn from it, and on Pirate's face are two scars: small bite marks to the side of his left eye, and a thin scar across his left cheek, the origins of which Pirate refuses to talk about.

The man has a decent physique, the kind gained from working on a ship for years, but is not all that impressive in terms of strength. Because of this, Pirate tends to gain attention through his choice of clothing or how he presents himself. The man never seems to wear the same outfit twice, often finding new things to steal and wear each day. Most of Pirate's outfits however tend to include some kind of light coloured shirt and waist-coat.
Pirate has been a cheater, liar and thief his whole life. He has seen life as something that revolved around him, therefore things that existed in the world existed for Pirate to play with. This mentality allowed the man to develop a very selfish nature during his younger years, that acted impulsively and never backed down. With experience, Pirate learnt that he could do more than just steal, but also tangle others into a web that he had control of, all by keeping things that they desired to protect within his grasp.

Age changes people, and Pirate is no exception. He learned to play nice with others, knowing friends can be formed by bonds other than blackmail, though he still tends to keep something handy just in case. He remained cunning and manipulating, but it was without as much impulse and plenty more thought.

Becoming a father has led Pirate to think of such things as legacy, to think beyond what he desired in the present and more on what will be in the future. Because of this, Pirate aims to earn a place back in the life of his son, Freddy, hoping to find some satisfaction in playing the part of a parent.
Fredrick Knight - Son
Pirate was not the name granted by birth. Pirate doesn't even care to remember what name that might've been, if any, since it was clear that his parents were eager to get rid of the baggage of their son as soon as they were able to. A few months old, birth sometime at sea, Pirate was dumped amongst grime and filth in the forgotten alleyways in a city devoid of the comforts the boy had come to know. That city was Brighton, a city on the southern coast of England, and it was unkind to the coyote boy who had been placed there to either die a mistake or live from his own tenacity. Being a species rare to the city, Pirate had a hard time finding a place, until he found it in the pockets of others who weren't looking. A young master of stealing, Pirate began to earn a small reputation amongst the black market as a nuisance.

This got Pirate into trouble. But the boy didn't crumble under the pressure, and in fact pushed against it until it collapsed back. He formed friends from other youngsters down on their luck, luring them into following him as underlings with the promise of food and fun. Most, Pirate would use for scapegoats to send at those looking for little thieves to take down, but others Pirate would keep as friends. All until they had a purpose to serve, since the boy saw little use in having meaningful bonds.

When Pirate found a chance to board a boat, a dream from his childhood, he took it. Along with his group of loyal thieves, Pirate boarded the maritime ship and had his first moment of danger and risk. More then just getting his fingers cut off for stealing, Pirate knew the take over of the ship would be life or death.

Which was why he made sure all of his friends attacked first, the boy remaining hidden until all but one of his minions was killed before stepping in to kill the last one himself. Pirate's actions got him a spot on the ship amongst the crew, a young cabin boy ready to learn the seas once more.

As the years pushed on with the boat going back and forth on routes across the sea, Pirate climbed positions in the crew until he'd gained enough favour from the others to fight for the role of captain. Winning that, the man announced a change to their usual dealings, with the promise of more adventure and lucrative exploits. He decided to keep their sailing to the shores of North America, finding the land more rich to plunder, and grew into the reputation of the man then known as Pirate Calloway.

His crew would change like the tide, many dying off or escaping the fun, and eventually the ship found itself drawn north, up into the Inlet of Fundy. Drawn so close that the ship crashed into the shores just near the city of St. John. A mutany on the ship caused the crash; as multiple crewmates chose to take over the ship from Pirate and sail away from Portland. Without enough skill however, they only ended up crashing the ship against rough tides of the Inlet of Fundy, brought on by bad weather. Now grounded in a new land, Pirate sought to keep himself busy with what remained of his ship and his crew, excluding the ones killed for betraying him. Although in tatters, Pirate held hope that the ship could be repaired, and left the fixing of the ship in the hands of his crew whilst he went inland to explore their new home.

He found interest in many things whilst stuck on land, namely more thievery and debauchery, the latter bringing up consequences as Pirate was forced into the role of fatherhood. At first, having a son was about as interesting to Pirate as having piss on his leg, but given some time and witnessing his son grow into something special... the man wonders if perhaps there are indeed merits to parenthood. He just hopes he's not too late in finding out.
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