Lucian Marino


Casa di Cavalieri
Luperci Pup Sitter Tier II, Stable Master Tier II, Brotherhood: Ranged Weapons Magenta Fang Woven into shape
When the Demons Come
Discord Handle: MaytaFhang#5717
High Content Wolf-Dog
Date of Birth:
20th September 2020
There is nothing small about Lucian, he is at the top of the large class, borderlining on giant on the size chart. Broad shoulder, thick arms and thighs, are well defined and muscle tone is evident, even under his dense pelt. Though he is mixed with a small amount of dog (rough collie and Irish setter), you would never know it by looking at him as the wolf genes are very dominant. His coat is a mix of greys, creams and whites, with his paw pads, nose and eyeliner being pinkish. The Mariano’s tail is long and fluffy, slightly more than normal. The marbled man’s eyes, are a melded of both azure and marigold which he inherited from his parents.

The Lionheart has a diagonal, thin scar across his back which is received saving a pack mates life, though it is hardly noticeable due to the thickness of his pelt and one would have to get close and be pretty intimate to notice. Currently he has no other scars to speak of, at least not yet.

Even though he spends a great amount of time in his bipedal form due to his work with horses and training the next generation of knights, he doesn’t wear clothes except for special occasions. To pack ceremonies you will find him in his fox fur lined cloak, and a rare circumstances such a ball or other celebratory party he may dress in some sort of tux or suit. Besides having his bow, quiver and dual axes with him most of the time, the only other item you will find on him, one hundred percent of the time, is a necklace made on leather sinew with the canine teeth of his mother and grandmother dangling from it.

Nine times out of ten, you will find Lucian with a jovial smile across his muzzle and gleeful glint in his eyes.

Optime Form: 7’2”, 290lbs
Secui Form: 50”, 175lbs
Lupus Form: 40”, 110lbs
It would be an odd day, not to find Lucian with a smile, he finds joy in the smallest things, and loves life. He is friendly and charismatic, and makes friends easily. When he laughs, it’s a deep belly laugh and can be heard for miles. He walks with a little pep in his step and a wag in his tail, even when he’s working hard.

The Stable Master loves his work and spends hours a day training and taking care of horses, but he wouldn’t change it for the world. If he’s not in the pasture or stables, you may find him taking care of the latest round of pups or working with the youth and mentors to teach the next generation. While it’s a load of fun for him, he takes his role as Pup Sitter seriously and is very fond of Casa’s pups and youth.

As a Lionheart and member of the Magenta Fang, he trains hard and frequently, including a daily morning run as the sun comes up and practicing archery and with his dual axes. Lucian would give his life for his family and pack mates and will do whatever it takes to protect the Cavaliers.

Though he is a happy, jolly guy who is easy to get along with, it would be best to stay on his good side. He is not afraid to fight or take a life when necessary and it is hard to gain forgiveness from him once he or someone he cares about is hurt.
Mother: Veri Secanti
Father: Luca Knight-deceased
Brother: Caspian Knight
Born to the late Lune, Luck Knight, and the late Chief Cleric, Veri Secanti, Lucian knew heart ache from a young age. While he and his brother Caspian thrived, they had a sister named Nirra that hadn’t survived due to his mother’s failing health and age. Lucian grew up hearing great stories of the past and would ask often for stories about his father, or ask his late grandmother to tell him heroic stories of her past.

The Marino’s childhood was very typical for any Cavalier, he excelled at his mentorship with his uncle Honrin, and took particular interest in the bow and practiced hours a day. He did well in other aspects as well, completing all six color sashes.

Tragedy struck again before his ceremony to adulthood, with the death of his mother after she fell on the steps of the courthouse. Lucian became unhinged with anger, and blamed it on his brother, when in reality it was just a freak accident. Unable to stay any longer, he decided to slip away under cover or darkness alone. His packing, or lack there of, was interrupted when Caspian found him, insisting that the pale brother not go alone and tagged along. The only way they survived the trip, was due to the help provided by Bete Noire and Pontifex while in Del Cenere Gang. While away with the help of friends, Lucian came to realize that his mother’s death was truly an accident and nothing more, leading him to forgive Caspian and apologize, mending the bond that was broken between them.

The two brothers soon returned to Casa di Cavalieri after that, and from that moment on, the marbled man had tried to make up for deserting the pack and hurting his big brother, Cedric, the current Lune of Casa di Cavalieri. He passed his First Blood ceremony with flying colors and walked proudly into the adult ranks as First Cadet, but he didn’t stop there. Lucian, determined as ever, soon became a Stable Master and Pupsitter, and began rise through the ranks, reaching Lionheart in the Brotherhood and becoming a member of the Magenta Fang all before he was two. He also became the Ambassador to Bete Noire before the remaining members came to join the Cavaliers ranks.
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