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1st July 2019
Luperci Ortus
Rhae is blessed with the body of a dancer, her gentle feminine forms of flowing grace and slender strength framed with the softness of youth. Whilst her heritage includes various wolf and dog breeds, Rhae appears to most closely resemble a coyote, with large ears and a sharp and narrow face, though delicately rounded by the sweetness of her youth. Her general build appears delicate but strong.

Rhaea's primary coat is draped in gentle autumn hues and whispers of sand, with a deeper caramel saddle gently spotted with traces of pale silver wrapping along her back and embracing her shoulders. She has silky medium-long fur. Her underside is a pale shade of moonlit sand, and the same hues appear on her throat, paws and the tip of her tail.

Her mask and stockings are of gentle blushing-caramel hue, with pale freckles scattering across her cheeks like stardust. Her nose and paw pads are a sweet rose shade. Her silky gilded white-gold optime hair is roughly cut into a wavy, semi-curly bob with wildling bangs resting just above her pale brow dots, framing the loveliness of her face like spun stardust. Rhaea's eyes hold the deep wells of the autumn sunrise, a vivid violet with the faintest touch of scarlet framing her pupils.

During cold winter months, Rhaea is usually sighted wearing a pale poncho consisting of soft doe-skin leather bordered with snow-shoe rabbit pelt and matching leggings.
Rhaea is a winter child born to a kind summer, with fire and ice raging within a once-gentle and ever-changing heart. Generations of sin that shaped her beautiful exterior have in turn wreaked potential havoc within. Whilst she appears whimsically gentle and innocent, the young woman is not what she appears to be.

Whilst calculating to a certain degree and driven by egocentric ways, Rhae is a quiet and oftentimes stoic creature that finds trusting others difficult. Though she's good at hiding the ongoings of her mind and expressing extroverted traits, she's truly a quiet introvert that'd prefer to observe the world as it passes by without having to interact with it. Having spent most of her life away from others, she's not completely comfortable in her skin in the company of others, though she's well versed in general table manners and thus has the ability to mask her insecurities well.

Despite this, her training and youth grant her general confidence, albeit a quiet one. She can be as kind as she can be cruel, though she was trained in the latter. She can be loyal to a fault, yet unpredictable and flawed due to some trauma from her past. Her player also needs to play her out a bit to better shape her final personality.
Rhaea was born to a warm and lovely summer nearby the borders of the southern parts of Canada, to two young wildling parents that loved each other for all the wrong reasons. To her knowledge, she was the only child of the litter, and though she was not wanted, she was still loved dearly. Or so she was always told, and thus what she always believed.

Rhaea's mother disappeared shortly after she was weaned, an accident, it was said. Her father raised her in the way of the sword, teaching her how to handle herself with both swords and knives, though she grew up preferring the largest blade. Her father came from a long line of warriors, and Rhaea was indeed her father's daughter, and she excelled in her training.

Rhaea and her father traveled the lands as nomads, her father taking odd jobs here and there to provide her with her occasional material wants, though they preferred to keep to themselves and living off the lands. They never stayed in any given place for very long, and it suited both of them just fine, as they appeared to be content with their style of life.

The young woman arrived to the lands of 'Souls by choice, alone, following rumors of family ties. Her father had never been fond of speaking of her path, but the young female felt confident that she knew enough to part ways with her sire, if only temporarily.
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