Zasha Hushhowl

Second Officer

Casa di Cavalieri
Second Officer
Luperci Falconry Tier I, Scavenger Tier I Best in Show Sticks in your teeth! Woven into shape
Discord Handle: MaytaFhang#5717
Wolf-dominant Hybrid
Date of Birth:
31st October 2020
Luperci Ortus
The perfect blend between her mother and father, the pelt mostly taking after her father, he coat mixes mahogany, blacks and creams in a unique pattern with sharp points and vees. The creamy spots on the back of her ears and diamonds on her back paw distinguish her from her lookalikes. While her coat was not as thick as a puppy, as she has grown older it has thickened with a distinct wave in the longer fur across her shoulder blades and through her tail. Her front paws and legs appear is if they were dipped in black dye before bleeding into the mahogany red fur. The white chest sports the Hushhowl vee in black connecting to the reddish tints.

Currently she is thin and lanky young teen, but appears the she will sport a trimmed athletic build. While he chest is not large in Optime form, it is very apparent that she is indeed a she. To match her athletic build, her muscles will be well defined and natural, but not from training hard everyday like her parents, but rather running amuck and getting into trouble wherever she may find it. Caught between her mother and father's height, Zasha will stand tall at 6 foot 11 inches. While not the tallest woman of her family, she definitely has a good height to her.

The thing that stands out most on the Hushhowl are her piercing light blue eyes in contrast to the mahogany and black coat. It is such a stark contrast against her pelt that icy hues almost glow in the dark.
Adventurous. If one were to choose a word to describe Zasha, adventurous would be it. She is always out exploring and looking for new and exciting things. She is jovial, kind, but also kind of crazy. She will beg her parents to take her any where she hasn't been to get her heart pumping. A thrill seeker she is always looking for the next grand adventure and has the urge to sneak out of pack territories to see what the world has to offer.

A daredevil by nature, she tends to act before she thinks and not consider the consequences, whether good or bad. She will climb the highest tree, jump off a cliff into the deepest water, or close her piercing blue eyes to jump off a rooftop into a giant pile of hay. Zasha has no fear and thinks she's invincible. She will throw caution to the wind and go wherever her imagination may take her, to the highest peak or the lowest valley.

It really depends on the day as to how she reacts to those she doesn't know well or meeting someone knew. They may either be her best friend or she may be quiet and refined, each person is different. But once she is comfortable with you, you can expect to be dragged on her most grand adventures no matter where those may lead.
Dusk Hushhowl
Borya Hushhowl
Lyubov Hushhowl
Born to Dusk Hushhowl and Zetsubou, Officers with Casa di Cavalieri, along with her sister Lyubov, Zasha was born a Cavalier. While she may not be your typical Cavalier, she is one nonetheless. She was a daddy's girl from the day she was born, loves her momma dearly and holds a special bond with her sister. To a Hushhowl, family is everything, whether blood related or not.

A typical rambunctious puppy, she spent her time wrestling and playing and learning about the world around her from the time she could scoot and stumble across the floor. Not only did she have her sister to play with, but also her cousins at the den site along with Lucian and Caspian who came to visit often.

One could say that the mini Zetsubou was a late bloomer. As she got older her demeanor started to change as she watched those around her start to shift to their bipedal form while she remained on all four. Even her younger cousin shifted early and while she didn't hold it against Nova, she started to wonder if there was something wrong with her. The pup enjoyed being in her feral form, but when she hit seven moons and still no shift she became angry with the world. Zasha started to withdrawal from playing with others and kept to herself, and only those truly close to her were allowed any reprieve from her newly found attitude, and even then it sometimes slipped out.

Luckily for those around her it didn't last but a moon, and at 8 moons old the pup finally shifted to her Optime form. It was a strange sensation for her, being so high up and took her a while to adjust without he balance for four legs. Now that she has shifted, it's like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders and she is once again the happy puppy that she once way. Running, playing and exploring, looking for adventure in all the wrong places and dragging whoever she can find along with her.

Now that she has the option to shift, you will find her in either form running amuck.
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