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North American Wolf
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5th February 2020
Krysing is of a rather tall build among wolves, but he holds himself in such a way that doesn’t allow his height to contribute to any sense of dominance. That, and he noticeably lacks muscle mass. While one may expect such a combination to lead to gawkiness, Kry is a light stepper -- making him come off as oddly graceful most of the time.

Whether by bad breeding or terrible luck, some snarls in Kry’s fur have an awful habit of sticking up the wrong way. It also doesn’t thin very well during the warmer months, staying just a wee bit too thick for him to be comfortable . His entire coat is washed in an exceptionally pale gray. In the right lighting, the ends may even come off as white, creating an almost ghostly halo. Unfortunately for his vanity, the lighting is very rarely that specific and he has to make do with looking exceedingly average.

His eyes only add to that averageness. They are a remarkably common shade of yellow. When one gazes into them, they do not see the beauty of the sun nor the sweetness of honey nor even the bountifulness of cornfields.

Just an average, empty yellow.
Krysing’s solace is in his solitude.

As far as he is concerned, his heart has always been that of a wanderer's. Kry’s pack quietly unwove itself shortly after he was old enough to hunt , and he has been alone ever since (See Biography!)

Because of this, he isn’t the best in social situations, often coming off as either too submissive or too dominant. At other times, he is simply written off as awkward and out of place. Most of his actions are decided based on stings of logic rather than emotion. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, he is yet to determine.

Kry fancies himself a scholar, although his knowledge is limited to medicine and birds.

Mostly birds, he finds them fascinating. He has a sharp mind and is quick to pick up things that he finds amusing and/or attractive. However, if he isn’t interested in the subject being taught, he’s likely to never grasp it. Unfortunately, most of the things that intrigue him others may deem, to put it blatantly, stupid. Such as his latest obsession with twigs.

While he may not be the best at expressing it , Kry truly does feel compassion for others. However, his desire to make others feel safe, welcomed, and loved often conflicts with his growing acknowledgement of the evils that also exist in this world and how….intriguing they can be sometimes.

Essentially, he’s at a crossroads, unsure whether to teeter towards his light or his darkness. And uncertain if he will ever truly know.

On another note, he is very insecure about his name but hasn’t got the nerve to change it. Therefore he tends to go by a shortened version of it: Kry.

Krysing was born to a small pack that quietly dissolved around the same time that he was ready to set off into the world. His memories of his family are few. On a conscious level he believes that his lack of familial bonds has caused and will cause him no harm. Deep down, he starves for it.

He has spent a good portion of his life wandering the land, mostly in lupus form. It is his favored of the three forms as it allows him to get around more discreetly. He rarely formed any permanent relations, preferring to silently observe the world’s beauty and avoid confrontation.

The one exception to his solitude was a little red bird that he used to keep as a companion. That was until it eventually got caught by a hawk. The event has left a permanent impression on him.

Kry fed himself mostly on small prey or whatever he could barter from travelling loners. The latter less frequently as he isn’t exactly the most charismatic and usually only ever got anything out of pity (an emotion that annoys him to no end).

Kry has always loved his life alone, but as the days dragged on one after the next, he couldn’t help but feel like he was missing something. No longer able to deny the restlessness growing inside of him, he has come in search of a pack.
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