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Luperci Verto

Darla is an extremely obese canine. She is of jet black colouration, with no markings or masking. She is a wolfdog; her wolven ancestry is visible in the thick mane about her neck and shoulders, small, rounded, well-furred ears and large paws/hands. Her dog ancestry is visible in her curled tail, the smoothness of her coat, her general size, and her somewhat wide, blocky head with a defined stop and mid-length muzzle. Her teeth are yellowed and dull. Her eyes are a vibrant, poisonous yellow.


Height: 58 cm - 23 in [at the shoulders]
Weight: 75kg - 165 lbs
Her belly hangs extremely low. Big fat deposits around her neck, limbs and backbone. She is wide when looked at from any angle, with a double chin. Her head looks almost comical sticking out of her rotund body. Her curled tail rests on her fuzzy rump.


Height: 86 cm - 34 in [at the shoulders]
Weight: 99 kg - 218 lbs
Her mane gets even thicker, making her look especially rotund when combined with the rest of her obese body. She gains an extra "chin" - a deposit of fat wrinkled under her neck. The increase in the size of her head makes her proportions slightly less ridiculous. Her paws get particularly large. Her tail is less curled, more sickle-shaped.


Height: 159 cm - 62 in [at top of head]
Weight: 130kg - 286 lbs
She is very wide, her thighs and forearms are thick and flabby, her rump is massive and her breasts sag heavily. Her slightly curled tail hangs between her legs. She has very little hair in this form, instead sporting a thick mane about her neck. What little hair she has is straight, messy and jet black when allowed to grow out, but currently she shears it and keeps the fur of her scalp smooth.
* Deeply ashamed of her upbringing and origins, she craves acceptance by luperci society. More than that, she craves power and respect within it, believing that she deserves it after the "hardships" of her life.

* A habitual liar who tells a taller tale each time she parts her maws. She believes herself a skilled deceiver, but that in on itself might be a lie she deceived herself with.

* Believes in spirits, visions, fate and gods - but considers herself above all unnatural forces, wether by being skilled enough in the Craft to bind them to her will, or by them not being as impressive as others consider them.

* Highly narcissistic. She is two-faced, quick to lie and betray as it suits her. She blames her failures on others and when others aren't present, on the forces that be.

* Easily angered, especially when caught in a mistruth or wrongdoing. She throws tantrums, lashing out on others with words and fangs.

* She is stubborn and persistent, not giving up until she gets a "yes" and taking every "no" as a challenge to her perceived authority.

* She has a high libido and is easily attracted to others, but her attraction is incredibly forward, at the cost of others' comfort. She prefers women but doesn't mind men.

*Her perception of herself is someone incredibly wise and practically clever, talented and fated for great things. She has no strong opinions about her appearance, although she does acknowledge her obesity.
Mildred Meadows - Her feeble-minded servant. Darla is aware that the coyote is madly in love with her, and uses that to manipulate her. She has a dirt-low opinion of Mildred as a person, but likes her attention.
Mildred Meadows
*Species: Northeastern Coyote
*Luperci: Ortus
*Birthdate: 25th June 2013
*Sex: Female
A scrawny, light-coloured canine. She is quote thin and long-limbed. Her fur has a sandy brown base marked with red.
Height: 56cm - 22 in [at the shoulders]
Weight: 9 kg - 20 lbs
Height: 94 cm - 37 in [at the shoulders]
Weight: 56 kg - 123 lbs
Height: 170cm - 67 in [at top of head]
Weight: 61kg - 135 lbs
Darla's early life is a secret she desperately tries to keep.

She was born to non-luperci parents, up north of Nova Scotia, and was raised not to mingle with and mistrust "shifters". Befriending a coven of luperci witches changed her opinion and made her crave their acceptance, leading to her infection a couple months after meeting them. Her family was horrified of this change and forbade the pup form leaving their territory, but her older sister, Silverjaw, helped her escape.

Silverjaw accompanied her all the way to the foot of Cape Acadia, where she abandoned her, tired of hunting and protecting her lazy sister. While crossing the mountains Darla encountered Wither Rose and Toraberā, from New Caledonia, and earned a nasty slash between her shoulder blades from Toraberā's sword.

Darla continued travelling, eventually finding an inhabited, but empty house in the woods south of Mt. Oromocto. She spent enough days there for her scent to rub off on everything, when a skinny, aged coyote women - Mildred Meadows - came across her. Somehow, she charmed and tricked feeble-minded Mildred into helping her, saying that she was a great forest witch. When the inhabitants of the house eventually returned, the coyote killed them to protect her "mistress", and the two began a highly toxic relationship.

Now Darla lives in the overgrown house with her coyote servant, offering magical help to travelers, having grown monstrously obese and vile.
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