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10th March 2010
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Friendly and considerate to those closest, calculating yet civil as allowed towards outsiders. Always puts himself between his pack and danger, no matter what the cost. He's extremely loyal, and prefers to out-think his opponents in a fight if diplomacy fails. He is very unforgiving against wolves and other canines who attack first and find a reason to do so later, or others who attack for the thrill of it, though often becomes the very thing he despises when faced with a threat to his family.

His first pack taught him a couple things before they chased him out, like knowledge of small fruits and woodworking, skills and hobbies that help him to this day. He's somewhat sarcastic and comical when he is at ease, and always tries to get people to feel welcome. Has a soft spot for pups, although he's haunted by the memory of his daughter that died as a pup. Will always help someone if they are having trouble with something. Can be somewhat stubborn if he thinks something will hurt his family instead of being beneficial.

After training with a former friend on swordplay, Lukos overcame his fear of blades, now carrying one with him almost always. His most noteworthy ability in combat is his adaptability through observing his opponents, excellent against one on one fighting but more detrimental than it's beneficial against large groups.

After a skirmish on Anathema's border in spring 2015, Lukos had a mental snap that slowly developed into DID, resulting in the creation of his alter ego, who had become to be known as Pita. Pita started out as a malevolent alter ego, torturing and driving Lukos to a dark place. But after much meditation and a revelation that changed his perspective, Lukos was able to come to terms with Pita, who in turn began to co-exist as more of a comical companion than a persecuting hindrance. Since then, the two have become even closer, despite their obvious differences, and rely on each other to stay alive and functional.

Still, his fragmented mentality often puts him in situations of life and death when he or loved ones have their backs up to the wall. In the worst case scenarios, Lukos will become feral if enraged to an extreme degree, the easiest way to do so being injury to someone he cares about. Abandoning his usual defensive and adaptable fighting strategy, if he reaches this point, the singular thought on his mind is to make sure the unlucky soul who did it lies face down in blood, regardless of his own condition.
Mate - Nyx Greyfire
Children: May, Inca, Besekel Greyfire, Uriah Greyfire, Song Greyfire, Nomos Greyfire, Seira Greyfire, Johanna Greyfire
Mother - Alis Sathis*
Father - Nathan Mikos*
Siblings - Unknown

Manitou King - The jolly cook
Johanna Greyfire (cNPC)
Lukos' parent's were two omega's that met and bonded in the wild, and eventually had Lukos. When he was six months, his parent's wandered into a small pack's territory and were attacked for trespassing. They fought long enough for the attacking pack to pay no attention to Lukos as he ran away from the violence to the nearby riverbank. There a she wolf stumbled upon Lukos, who took pity on him and brought him to her pack until he was old enough to find a pack of his own.

There he was raised as a fisherman, but he was always a hunter, and he learned patience and observance through fishing. He was the only hunter in the pack, because everyone else preferred fish over meat. That gave him the advantage practice his bow skills. To show his usefulness, Lukos practiced with his dagger until he could take down a young buck with only one strike of his dagger. But this only made the fishermen more fearful of Lukos. When his foster mother died from a disease, the others began to become more hostile to Lukos, wanting him gone. Not wanting an extra mouth to feed, they also thought that since he was stronger than most of them that one day he would try to take control. They chased him out of the pack when he was 17 months old. Lukos headed north, hoping to find a pack that would accept him.

There he discovered Anathema, where he resided for much of his life. For much of the early beginnings in Anathema, Lukos came across as a rash and quirky member, but often knew when to keep his mouth shut from past mistakes. He never felt a strong urge to rise in the ranks, considering it more important that he be available to pursue his own interests and lend assistance openly, instead of in a specialized role.

His life changed drastically after meeting a young Nyx, who at the time was a frail and innocent creature. He quickly became protective of the young Anatheman, perhaps due to her warm and bubbly personality, which easily inspired positivity. He felt like it was his duty to protect the young recruit from many of the dangers the world posed. Over time they became good friends, and as Nyx was adopted into the family of alphas who dominated much of Anatheman history as leaders, Lukos felt he would be better suited to serve as a protector rather than a paternal figure.

As time passed, Lukos slowly rose through Anathema’s ranks, in an attempt to keep up with Nyx, when one day a chance encounter with someone from Nyx’s past, as the two of them met a stranger at the border. Feeling that Nyx was threatened, Lukos attacked the stranger, the skirmish acting as the catalyst for his dissociative identity forming.

Once more time had passed, and Nyx became no longer the frightened subordinate but instead grew into a skilled warrior and close friend, Lukos realized that he had developed a romantic affection for her. Horrified by the revelation and how it conflicted with his own beliefs, the wolf began to be more distant from the fighter because of it.

After this event, and in part due to the increasingly disruptive and powerful alter ego, a rift formed between Lukos and Nyx, as the older wolf began to spiral in a constant mental breakdown. Lukos became addicted to alcohol, originally to keep himself sedated and unfocused. After some time had passed, Lukos had learned that Nyx had become pregnant, with signs that she was abused in the process. In a rage, Lukos stormed into the home where she lived with the alpha’s family, demanding that he tell Lukos what had happened, directing his hatred and guilt at the then leader Kentaro, before being overcome with grief as Nyx stepped in between them.

Completely shattered by the result of his self-absorption and isolation, Lukos began to care for Nyx, seeking forgiveness for what happened, feeling responsible for not being able to stop it. Helping raise Nyx’s new pups as a way of atonement, Lukos became attached to the two, May and Inca, and saw them as children of his own. Ironically, because of his regret of what occurred, Lukos was finally able to accept his feelings, and allowed himself to fall in love. After spending some time like this, due to a drunken whim after a night of festivity in Mabon, Lukos was able to confess his feelings, and after time apart, Nyx had accepted those feelings. After blacking out past this point, the two suddenly discovered that they had slept together, and soon after that Nyx was pregnant once again.

Still not shy of the idea of becoming a parent, Lukos helped raise the litter of three pups, and eventually moving in to live with Nyx and all of the kids in the same den. Before the pups turned three months old, the last born, Song, had mysteriously died in her sleep, later revealed that she had eaten something toxic during play earlier, which marked another traumatic occurrence for the wolf. As the children grew up, Lukos and Nyx had become the two of the betas of Anathema, hoping to steer the pack in a new direction after a period of darkness.

For a brief period of time, Lukos served to open diplomacy between other packs, reaching out to many personally and assisting in organizing in a concentrated effort to represent the new Anathema. Not long after, Lukos and Nyx had yet another litter of pups, Nomos and Seira, and began to raise them alongside performing their other duties for the pack.

As Anathema began to radically change however, unexpectedly the disgraced, mad king Kentaro had returned with a small band of assassins, bent on destroying Anathema and killing everyone who called it home. Aiding in fighting off the invaders and helping those who couldn’t fight retreat to a safe location, Lukos fought alongside those that dispatched Kentaro and the remaining attackers, narrowly avoiding death.

With the decision for Anathema to disband, Lukos and his family followed many other former Anathemans into forming the Order, with Lukos serving more as an advisor. After some contemplation, Lukos and Nyx decided that their still growing family would be safer on their own, and left the Order for the New Brunswick territory.

There he resided with Bête Noire, a loner group that he and Nyx founded, alongside their children, and a new friend, Manitou King, not long after they settled down.
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