Harlan Riis

Luperci Priest I
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Grey Wolf (87.5%) / Leonberger (12.5%) Mix
Date of Birth:
6th May 2019
Standing at 6'8'' in Optime (his favored form), Harlan clearly favors his Grey Wolf heritage in his broad construction. Yet, youthful as he is, there is still a lingering awkward and uncomfortable energy to this fuller adult frame. With poor posture, he slouches and carries himself in a way that suggests he is far less imposing than he actually is.

Despite Harlan's large wolfish build, he is described as having an innocent face and soft, saucer-like eyes. His messy dark hair is cropped short at the Commander's behest, as any style beyond the objectively utilitarian is unfit for life on the road.

He wears what he can scavenge. Crude fabrics, often sewn together with little rhyme or reason.

Voice Ref: Jason Molina
The goodest boi.

* Harlan is to be an experimental character. Minimal OOC Plotting. Predominantly driven by AW threads.
Nils Riis (The Commander)
-- Former Commander of the Guard in Harlan's birth pack and Harlan's guardian.
For years Whitehall prospered, and with prosperity came expansion, and as borderlines expanded outward, conflict soon followed.

The territorial disputes began in the spring of 2019. What started as small skirmishes and isolated incidents escalated into all out warfare with a neighboring pack by summer. In response, Whitehall tasked its decorated military commander, Nils Riis, along with a platoon of ten men to push the aggressors back and defend their home.

Harlan remembers very little of his childhood, but he remembers the massacre.

They came in the night, setting fields and houses alike ablaze. The Commander's platoon was easily outnumbered and overrun. Nils, knowing the tide of battle had shifted out of his favor, and out of fear for his own life, abandoned his post and fled.

The following day, he returned to find scorched earth and a single survivor. A boy of no more than two months old, hidden and squirming in a potato sack. He took the boy as his ward, and the two have been traveling together since.
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