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50% Dog (Australian Shepherd and Chow Chow), 25% Italian Wolf, 25% Mexican Wolf
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17th October 2018
Luperci Ortus
26 inches, 60 lbs
38 inches, 120 lbs
66 inches (5ft 6in), 150 lbs

On the shorter side of average, Sloan's broad frame is packed with muscle, particularly in her legs and shoulders, as a result of hard physical labor and sword fighting. Thick, chocolate brown fur covers most of her body, save for a white blaze down the center of her face head, and a white patch on her chest. That thick fur and her blue tongue are the only hallmarks of her distant Chow Chow heritage. She is covered in various scars, but the most obvious is the lattice of overlapping whip marks on her back. In winter, her coat grows long enough to mostly cover these marks, but in summer, they stand out clearly. Sloan spends almost all of her time in Optime form, as it is most versatile. Her mane is almost completely white and held out of her face in a series of small braids.

Though not ashamed of her scars, she does tend to wear loose wool shirts even on the hottest days, as Sloan hates having to explain them to people. Her worn, ragged buskin trousers are held up with a leather belt, from which hangs a pair of short swords and a small pouch holding tinder, flint, and steel. In winter, she adds a waterproofed cloak and a second, thicker wool shirt, held closed with large, simple buttons made of bone. Regardless of weather or season, she also wears thick, leather bracers and finger guards, designed to protect her hands when she uses her recurve bow.
Most perceive Sloan as reserved, maybe even shy around strangers, and assume she has deep depths as a result. In truth, she has a very limited, dull experience of emotions. They are there, she can feel sadness, boredom, happiness, etc., they just aren't very intense. She can express anger easily enough, but there is still a slight disconnect between her feelings and her actions. Because she feels anger more easily than anything else, even minor irritations can trigger violent thoughts and ideas, such as how easy it would be to cut out that blabbermouth's tongue. However, she is unlikely to act on these thoughts unless there is some material benefit for her. Not because she has any moral qualms about traditionally bad things, such as theft, lying, violence, etc., but because she is able to recognize the consequences wouldn't be worth it.

It's hard for her to form emotional attachments, probably as a result of her very neglectful childhood, but when she does she will do absolutely anything for you, as evidenced by her deep love for her brother. Sloan's relationship tends to be short-lived, but intense, and she has strong opinions about her partners. Men can be good in bed but are boring otherwise. Women tend to be much more complex and interesting to her, and she will occasionally try to learn more about and bond with them.

Animals, horses in particular are the quickest way to her heart. She can be surprisingly gentle and understanding with them and is skilled at working with and training horses. Animal abuse of any kind is disgusting to her and triggers a deep-seated, violent rage. Though she can hide these feelings for a short while to get what she wants, she always finds a way to get back at people she feels have wronged her, or those she cares about.
Born to wolfdog hybrids in New Orleans on October 17, 2018, Sloan's life is filled with chaos from the beginning. Her father is from a family of warriors, who tend to work as bouncers, enforcers, caravan guards, and bodyguards for the wealthier citizens of the city, but William is the black sheep of the family. He is seemingly incapable of holding down a job, is drunk almost every day, and gambles away everything the small family has. Her mother, Emilie Beaufort, grew up in the bayou, and fell desperately in love with William shortly after meeting him, and spends her days chasing after him, vainly trying to keep him out of trouble. Even after giving birth to Sloan and her brother, Sam, she is constantly distracted. As soon as they are weaned, Emilie leaves them alone all day long, only coming back to check on them at night, and even then their parents will disappear for days.

As a result of this neglect, Sloan and Sam end up running wild with a gang of other trouble-making pups. As they begin to shift, she starts copying the older pups, learning how to steal from merchant stalls and pickpockets. Fights and brawls are a part of her everyday life, and Sam begins to follow in her footsteps.

After only a few months of this wild and reckless behavior, however, Sloan is caught stealing from one of the wealthiest merchants in town, and he has her whipped until her back is a mess of blood and torn flesh. Her brother is able to drag her back home, where Emilie discovers her half-dead daughter lying in a heap on the floor. Desperate for help, she manages to convince William's brother, Robert, to take her kids in and keep them off the streets, so that they aren't killed.

Once she has healed up, leaving a lattice of deep scars over her back, thinly covered by her thick fur, he begins to put Sloan and her brother through intense training. She no longer has time to cause trouble, as she spends all day running, weightlifting, and learning how to use various weapons. Sam follows in his sister's footsteps as always and discovers a deep love of swordcraft. Meanwhile, Sloan also begins to learn how to care for the family's few horses and realizes she loves to spend time with them more than anything else.

As she and Sam begin to become more and more adept at swordplay, archery, and hand to hand combat, Robert begins to trust her. Sloan hides it fairly well, but he can tell she inherited William's dulled emotions and lack of morals. Still, he remains hopeful that her dedication to training and caring for horses, as well as her deep loyalty to her brother, will allow her to live a productive life. As a way to encourage her, he arranges an apprenticeship with a local horse trainer, a coyote called Jose Aquillo, which she relishes.

Though she still trains with Robert and Sam in the evening, most of her days are spent working with Jose's horses. She learns how to teach a horse to accept everything from their first saddle to pulling heavy loads. She eagerly follows his principles of gentle, equal communication on the horse's terms, and is able to use her aloof, unemotional nature to her advantage when working with troublesome, even aggressive horses.

She and her brother still go out to bars and raise a little hell on occasion, but they both know that Robert and Jose would never accept them as students if they got in serious trouble again. As a result, she learns to control her often destructive gut reactions and violent impulses in a way her father never has. It is only when she discovers others abusing animals or pups that she finds a way to lash out and take some form of revenge. Sloan becomes quite skilled at hiding her actions and involvement in the pain and suffering she causes and is able to keep doing what she loves.

Sam and Sloan's lives are just beginning to look up, as Jose is allowing her to work with horses by herself, and Robert is talking about getting Sam a job as a bouncer when William steamrolls back into their lives and ruins everything. He manages to get into a bar brawl with the son of one of the wealthiest and most powerful merchants in the city and nearly kills him. The entire Stromberg family, including Sloan, Sam, Robert, and Emilie are forced to flee New Orleans with him to avoid retaliation.

The family heads east with all the possessions they are able to grab in a few short hours warning them, taking only 2 of their horses with them. Robert, Sloan, and Sam desperately trying to find enough work to support them, even resorting to theft in their darkest moments, as William continues to cause problems with everyone they meet. Eventually, Robert manages to find work as a caravan guard, and the family settles in the Chesapeake Bay area in hopes that Sam and Sloan can do the same.

Before his brother is gone more than a few days, William manages to piss off the locals again by stealing from a prominent trader and lighting his home on fire, and they are forced to flee. As they run for their lives from the angry mob pursuing them, Sam is hit by an arrow and fatally wounded. Sloan is able to carry him away long enough to avoid death herself, but by the time they reach safety, he is dead. Fed up with William's behavior and her mother's excuses, she buries her brother and leaves them behind, heading after Robert.

Once she is able to track him down, she explains the situation and travels with the caravan for a few weeks, eventually reaching Portland. Leaving Robert with her old, reliable mare, she takes her brother's gelding, Ted, and what supplies they can carry and begins heading north. Sloan had heard rumors about a prosperous area called Souls' and decided to head there, hoping to find a place she can establish the life Sam would want her to have.
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