Nicolas Greyfire

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31st October 2020
The base of his coat is dusty grey fading into rust near the top of his back. A layer of lighter grey spreads from the top of his face down his neck. His underbelly, paws, chin, and tail are a cream color. The tip of his tail is a reddish color. Flecks of white and darker grey near the base of his neck and saddle area. There are accents of grey on his face, head, and shoulders.

Once he his able to shift, his optime hair will be cream with lowlights of different shades of grey. blunt bangs will frame his face and it will often be kept up in a bun.

As a puppy, he is long and gangly with paws far too big for his body and legs that seem quite too long. he is clumsy, a little awkward, and walks warily. his ears are a little too big for his face. as he grows, his features will become more balanced. In optime form, he will stand tall with a shy yet distinguished posture. His measurements will be 30 inches at the shoulder and 80 pounds in lupus, 40 inches and 150 pounds in secui, and six foot five and 195 pounds in optime.
Nicolas is very stubborn. In arguments, he refuses to admit when he is wrong even when he knows that he is the one who is wrong. He doesn't like to admit when he is wrong, even when he knows it. As of right now, he is a puppy with lots of development to make.

He is inquisitive, always wanting to learn something new. He asks an absurd amount of questions, and sometimes gets frustrated when he can't find the answers. He wants to know as much as he can.

In the same line, he is also very nosy. He will ask question after question and rarely understands when he should stop asking even when someone tells him to stop. He is very pushy, wants to know everything.

Nicolas is very intelligent and very aware of it. He has a hunger to learn, sometimes it is too fierce. He has a good understanding of most things and is quickly able to pick up new skills. Rarely does he need something explained to him more than once.

Family is very important to Nicolas and he will put the group he is in above anything else. He is extremely loyal to his parents and his siblings and values them above anyone else.
Born on the 31st of October in 2020 alongside three other pups. He had a good childhood, raised by a caring mother. The first time he stepped outside, it was snowing. He always played in the snow with his siblings.

In the height of winter, he and his siblings were playing in the snow near a frozen river. Whilst they were playing, his sister fell through the ice into the river and drowned in the cold water. Nicolas was too young to understand exactly what happened, only that his sister was never coming back. As he grew, the weight of what happened began to affect him. He often wishes that there was something he could have done to save her.

In Bete Noir, he lives among his remaining siblings, parents, and other members of the group. He has dedicated his time to learning basic self defense, how to read, and herbalism from his mother. He has an intense hunger for learning and is far too adventurous for his own good, often wandering off trying to learn new things. He has formed a good relationship with most members of the group, known as the happy-going and a little bit annoying son of the leaders of the group.
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