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Dog [ Shar mountain dog mix ]
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27th December 2018
Luperci Ortus

Cent is a heavy set, sturdy built dog. Her coat is thick, long and soft. The colour of her fur is light brown, with a lighter undercoat. She has wheaten markings on her neck, haunches, underside, tail and and a line going down her withers, and dark brown markings along her sides. She has darker brown masking on her snout. Her eyes are a gentle pink, big and rounded at the corners. Her ears are floppy and her muzzle is medium length. Her pawpads and nose are dark brown with splotches of fawn.


Height: 66 cm - 26 in [at the shoulders]
Weight: 40/45 kg -88/90 lbs
Her hind legs are slightly thicker and stronger than her front legs. Besides that, she is a well-proportioned, strongly built dog.


Height: 95 cm - 37 in [at the shoulders]
Weight: 60/65 kg - 132/143 lbs
Bulky, with a long and slightly wavy mane that gets darker at the tips. The disparity between her front and hind legs is even more obvious, with her hind legs being particularity powerful.


Height: 169 cm - 66.5 in [at top of head]
Weight: 77/82 kg - 170/181 lbs
Quite bottom heavy, with a sturdy build. She has strong, fat thighs and arms. She possesses large buttocks, small breasts and a chubby belly. Her hair is dark brown, slightly curly and reaches her lower back.
*Cent possesses a self-assuredness and a sense of entitlement borne of an easy life and favourable circumstances.

Dinar Nekoža - "побратим", honorary brother.
Dinar Nekoža [cNPS]

[Image: 6331affa9f2aca4fc71088c3a6536e77c7a8140f.jpg]

*Species: Dog [ Shar mountain dog mix ]
*Luperci: -
*Birthdate: 18th September 2016
*Sex: Male
Height: 91.5c m/36 in [at the shoulders]
Weight: 99 kg/ 218 lbs
Dinar is a hulking, massive dog, equal parts fat and muscle. His head is large with floppy ears, a blocky muzzle and drooping lips. His paws are likewise large, with tough pads. There are many scars on his body, concealed by fur.
He has a long, thick, coarse coat which is particularly long and thick around his neck. He has long tufts of hair on the back of his limbs, rump and a fuzzy tail.
The colour of his fur is steel grey, darkening into dark grey masking engulfing his head, but leaving lighter markings around his eyes.
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[Image: boka_01-panorama.jpg]
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