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It is impossible to mistake Cent for anything other than a pure dog. She has a stout, compact build, a pronounced "stop" and a wide, medium-length muzzle with lightly drooping jowls, as well as well-furred, drop ears. She is obese, but strong and tall. Her fur is thick, soft and evenly distributed along her body, with a lighter undercoat. She is of a solid brown colouration which fades to a slightly darker brown on the limbs and tailtip. She has a dark brown mask and ears, and a cream-coloured underbelly and inner thighs. Her irises are a soft pink and rimmed with brown. Her eyes are wide and gently rounded at the corners. Her paw pads and nose are brown with splotches of liver-colour.

[Image: cent_pixy_FINISHFLIP.png]Lupus[Image: cent_pixy_FINISH.png]

Height: 66 cm - 26 in [at the shoulders]
Weight: 40/45 kg -88/90 lbs

A sturdy built, well-proportioned dog. Her waist is usually tucked, but obesity evens it out with the abdomen. The belly can be seen protruding when viewed from above.

[Image: 3.png]Secui[Image: 32.png]

Height: 99 cm - 29 in [at the shoulders]
Weight: 60/65 kg - 132/143 lbs

Bulky, with strong limbs. Has a long and slightly wavy mane that gets darker at the tips. Not as athletic as this form usually is, there is still extra fat that hides her waist.

[Image: NxQ2iRT_1.png]Optime[Image: NxQ2iRT.png]

Height: 179 cm - 5 ft 9 / 70.5 in [at top of head]
Weight: 85/88 kg - 187/194 lbs

"Pear shaped". Her hips are broad and her thighs fat. Belly protrudes and hangs past the waistline. Arms are thick and strong. Breasts are small and saggy. Her hair is dark brown, thick and messy, reaches the upper back. Hands are square, but dexterous.


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Cent is an outgoing and friendly young adult, easy to smile, laugh or wag her tail, but is also a deeply insecure, sensitive and fearful one. She lacks the innermost strength which marks greater canines and relies too much on others.

Goals: Gaining standing and respect among Del Cenere Gang.

Fears: Social ridicule, public shaming or exile.


A born extrovert, Cent is always eager and willing to meet new people, converse and joke. She is very forward with her speech, and tends to string together long sentences which leave others wondering if she's got a second mouth. Her secret passion is gossip, but she tries to not be a malicious gossiper.

Inferiority Complex

Cent harbours delusions of inferiority and suffers severe impostor syndrome. She is convinced that she is lesser than every person she looks up to, and cannot conceive not thinking that way. This self-image comes from an emotionally manipulative romantic relationship she was in, which left her ego in shambles. To this day, the woman approaches life and relationships with the belief that she needs to constantly prove herself, else all would leave her.


| Conservative | Respectful | Trusting | Talkative |

[Image: DONE_V2.png]


Dinar Nekoža - pobratim, blood-brother.

Unnamed mule [mNPC]

*Species: Mule
*Birthdate: 17th August 2018
*Sex: Male

Height: 16 hands / 162 cm / 64 in [at the withers]
Weight: 420 kg/ 926 lbs

A rather pretty animal, with a gold champagne coat, pristine white mane and green eyes.


[Image: d3b5933998df591d2ec105b7b95035a0e21dcb3a.gif]

Cent was once the promising child of a merchant family in an affluent tribe, forced into exile by war brought about by a loved one's show of cowardice. She travelled the seas as an itinerant trader, but many bad happenings led her to head westward, all the while being accompanied and protected by her pobratim, Dinar Nekoža.

They arrived in Maine in winter of 2021 and stayed in Charmingtown, within Del Cenere Gang territory. They joined the pack proper after a deal Cent proposed to the Rey was rejected and the pair of dogs had nowhere else to go. After a couple months within Gang territory Cent travelled to the pack's outpost, Palisade, and spent the summer there, coming back in time to witness - and be a victim of - a raid upon Charmingtown.


Cent was born in the Bay of Kotor, on the coast of Montenegro, into the tribe of Veliki Orjenovići, as the middle child of the middle litter of her influential parents. She was raised in peace and luxury and displayed a well-nurtured eye for quality.

When she was under a year old, Cent's father slew the heirs of an allied tribe in a drunken brawl. The tribe demanded that the killer be executed, but instead Cent's father ran away into the mountains, staining his and his tribe's honour. To appease their neighbours the Orjenovići executed his wife instead, but it wasn't enough. War was declared and the violence quickly escalated.

Cent and her siblings were targets of a blood feud. To protect them, the family stowed away the youngest of them on a ship leaving the Bay. First the siblings went to Dubrovnik, which was still too close to the conflict, as the murder of their youngest sibling showed them. They took a ship to Albania, but two days after arrival they saw that their dowries - five chests of valuable fabrics and jewelry - had been stolen and that sister Cent had disappeared overnight.

Cent took the chests of goods, sneaking away in the night onboard a ship bound for Greece, along with Dinar Nekoža. She had grown tired or running away and saw opportunity for herself as a merchant, deciding to make a name for herself and eventually return home with thrice what she stole.

Cent and Dinar spent a year travelling along the Mediterranean, trading for high quality goods. They went from the coast of Greece to the Gulf of Taranto, then Sicily, stayed briefly in Tripoli and settled in Algiers, where Cent found a paramour in the beautiful daughter of a saluki merchant. The romance was not fated to last and upon the eventual breakup the pair of Montenegrin dogs got onboard a ship which took them to Lisbon.

In Lisbon dark thoughts took hold of Cent and she fell into a depressive slump and poverty, refusing to part with the items which reminded her of home. It was thanks to Dinar that she got out her head and scrounged up enough to get them onboard a ship headed for the Caribbean.

The dogs went from Barbados, to Tortuga, but the heat was unbearable for the two thick-coated dogs and they went north, to Atlantic City. From there they got a ship which took them to Portland, from where they walked to the promising lands of New Brunswick.


Cent and Dinar were led to believe that Freetown was still populated, but upon arriving there, in late February found only abandoned ruins. A few loners told them of a pack up north, and the travelers separated from the seashore to look for Del Cenere Gang and their open-to-outsiders trading post, which they did find. They did not join the Gang, but remained, unaffiliated, in Charmingtown for a month, taking advantage of the Ashen's hospitality.

It was April when Cent approached the Rey Salvaje, with the offer to spearhead trade on the behest of the pack - a ruse, as she truly planned to scam them. The man saw trough it and refused, but he did offer them to join the Gang. Dinar was the one who accepted for both of them, Cent, seeing no other option, agreeing with his choice.

Cent and Dinar remained in the Gang for scarcely a month, when something struck the young woman and she and her companion left for Palisade. They stayed there over the summer, and those three months changed Cent. No longer the same spoiled, self-assured and boastful girl, she came back a more respectful and subdued woman, although her inferiority complex did flare up, as her humility was borne of judgement and ridicule she experienced in the settlement.

The two dogs came back in time for Cent to be captured during the Calloway raid, but saved by a fellow packmate. Quickly after it the woman gave herself to re-establishing connections with fellow Ashen. She rose in rank and found personal dwellings for herself within Charmingtown.

Dinar left her in early October. He needed to find a way to restore his honour, and he believed Cent had blossomed into a fine woman - which the self-critical Cent fiercely disagreed with, to the point of screaming at her pobratim for such misinterpretation of her. After he left her depression returned, and she broke a tenet made with herself and began to drink and despair.

Out of her despair she was pulled by religion, and the kind words of Father de le Poer. Cent's zealotry returned and she became a regular attendant of the local church.

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