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17th March 2019
Luperci Verto
Ylva Northgard is a mix of arctic dog breeds, mainly Siberian Husky, and Tundra wolf making her coat extra thick, especially in the winter and she has exceedingly fluffy tail with a "Siberian spot" and large white tail tip that has a curl thanks to her Siberian heritage. The colors of her pelt consists of a deep garnet and white, with a white splash over her left shoulder and a wave pattern on her left rib cage, while her right side has no distinct patterning. Her muzzle has a red bar running down to her nose, the red creeps slightly under her eyes, other markings on her face consist of red tinges high on her cheek bone beside her eyes. Ylva's paw pads, nose and eyes liner are a reddish-brown color that compliments her coat pattern, as a black would be too harsh.

Because of the blood lines that run through her veins, her eyes are an almond shape. Her left eye is an icy blue that almost appears white, and her right is a stunning amber color with a pattern of blue in it, making her bi-eyed with a parti-eye. In extremely bright light you may notice her squint slightly due to the pale hues of her eyes.

Due to her mixed heritage her size is more of a large coyote than wolf, and weighs fifty-five to sixty pounds in Lupus, her preferred form and is approximately twenty-eight inches at the shoulders. Ylva uses her Secui form least when she weight around one-hundred thirty-five pounds and stands at forty-five inches. When she finds the need to use hands, she will shift to Optime form where her weight is a solid two-hundred and thirty pounds and stands tall at six foot eight inches.
Because of her upbringing under her master and no connection to her mother, father or any siblings, Ylva Northgard is very introverted and has trouble coming out of her shell. The only family she knows is the white gyrfalcon that goes by the name Val, and he helps her feel more comfortable around other luperci. She has always had to take care of herself and she learned to do so at a very young age, she tends to be stubborn and hardheaded and stuck in her own ways. However, once someone penetrates the wall she has put up, the husky mix is as loyal as they come and will stand by someone's side through the thick and thin.

It would be hard to find a luperci as obedient and hard working as the Northgard woman, it was something that was engrained to her since she was eight weeks old from her former master. If she knows how to do the job, she will work hard and get it done. If she doesn't know how to do something, she will put all her energy and mind into learning it correctly and quickly so that she can help in anyway possible.

Sadly because of the way she was raised, she doesn't really understand what true family or love is, so some may find it odd that she has a hard time grasping the pack mentality. Hopefully one day she will learn to understand that having others to help in hard situations, makes it easier.
Val, a white male gyrfalcon. Val is on the smaller side and only about 20 inches, with a wingspan double that. He is her eyes for hunting and looking ahead for dangers. Sometime he can be found riding on her back on her harness.

Lily Clementine, a mutt of herding breeds and coyote, and Ylva's dearest friends. They decided to leave Portland together see what other adventures awaited them.
She comes from the most northern edge of the continent along the coast. She is use to extremely cold weather and is built to withstand the cold. If summers get too hot they will bother her, but blowing her coat and guard hairs keep her cool enough. She will not hesitate to lay or play in water to keep cool.

Her story isn't particularly happy or sad, it just is. She was raised by a grey wolf with Lupreci by the name Lars. He was a falconer who bred and raised Siberians and Tundra wolves. He would use them as a carrier for his falcons, hawks and owls as they hunted. While she new her mom and dad and family to a degree, once the pups were weened and old enough to leave their mom they were separated and put to work. He would fit them with harnesses that the raptors could ride without digging their talons into their skin.

She didn’t talk much and was a hard worker, which made her a favorite of her masters. He would allow her to stay by his side instead of tethered to a tree. While by his side she would watch him closely and learn the way of falconry. The manning (taming), feeding, whistles for commands, the hunt, everything. She wanted to know it all. And she learned it from a falconry master.

She came to be friends with the white gyrfalcon that usually rode her harness during the hunts. His name was Val and was her eyes during the hunts. Falcons have excellent eyesight and can dive bomb in excess of 200mph. She found Val absolutely fascinating. She would often share her meal no matter how small it was with the falcon and they formed an everlasting bond. Sometimes they would stay up all night dreaming of what life could be like out in the wild with no master barking orders at them. While her master didn’t treat her in a negative way, he didn’t treat her well either. She was his property and was only around to help hunt. One night Val came to her while the master was asleep, he had come up with a plan of escape. A blizzard was coming and that would lay the perfect time to run away. Master hunted everyday, it didn’t matter if it was pouring rain, hot and sunny or a blizzard, they would hunt. Val would fly out of sight, the master would yell at her to go find him and that would be the last he would ever see of the husky girl and her falcon. It was a brilliant plan and she was ready to see what the world would have in store for her outside of her masters world.

The plan worked they ran and ran as far and as fast as they could in the blizzard. They headed south west as fast as their paws and wings would carry them. When they finally felt like they were safe they came to a small cave to get out of the snowy blizzard. They slept for what seemed like day to regain their strength. When they woke the sun was shinning and the snow had stopped. They decided to continue tracking south east to see where their adventure might take them.

Their track southeast lead them to a trap, and Ylva almost lost her life until a member of Casa di Cavalieri saved her life, bringing her back to pack lands in order to heal from a gruesome leg injury. She remained there for a while in an attempt to repay her debts, but found a large pack was difficult for her personally and decided to head to their Outpost in Portland with fewer luperci.

Being at the Outpost was easier for Ylva, and they welcomed her with open arms, as she was told they would. Everyone was friendly and didn't look down on her for being a non-luperci, which was a relief in itself. While she enjoyed the company and made many friends in the Outpost and the outskirts, two she had become very close to, Quinn Damaichu, a member of the Outpost and Lily Clementine that had made her home in the same area. Unfortunately for Ylva, Quinn decided to return to Fort Kingsbury, which left her a little lost. Luckily Lily was there to fill the void, and the two became even closer.

Tired of being the odd woman out and not really being able to help out, the Siberian mix decided it was time to find a way to contract the luperci virus. It just so happened she came across Eros on a hunting trip and he was more than willing to assist her after they shared a meal. It took her a long while to get used to the shift, but now confident in her abilities she has left Portland with her trusty sidekick, Val, and her dearest friend Lily, and is making her way back to the 'Soulsverse to see what her future may hold.
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