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18th September 2010
Luperci Ortus
Soledad was never a particularly large Eurasian wolf, possibly due to her bloodline not being purely grey but mixed with Iberian wolf. As she has grown older, her frame has become more fragile, and she has shrunk a little.
Also, unmistakeably a grey wolf, with a pale undercoat and coarse copper brown, tawny fur depending on the season, her colouring is influenced by the distinctive cream stripes on her muzzle from her Iberian heritage. Dark brown fur runs along her spine down to the tip of her tail. In optime form she has dark brown hair.
Her eyes are a warm grey with a hint of blue to the edges.
Soledad’s preoccupation is with her failing memory which has been exacerbated by her lack of familiarity with her surroundings. She is gentle by nature, curious, but her confidence has been knocked by her self-doubt. Having been a mother and grandmother, she is naturally highly maternal.
Soledad is quite sure she had a comfortable life when she was a puppy. She has some memories of her family who lived, when she was young, in an old, abandoned village in the north of Spain, not far from the coast. Her extended family included a number of traders who worked crossing from the Iberian Peninsula to southern England and Ireland. As such, her family from time to time hosted a number of English-speaking visitors from whom she learnt that language. Therefore, her English includes British phraseology.
As a young wolf, she often travelled with members of her extended family, and lived a somewhat nomadic existence, returning home for stretches of time, but often associating with the multicultural and interspecies groups that could be met at ports and along trading routes.
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