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Soledad was never a particularly large Eurasian wolf, possibly due to her bloodline not being purely grey but mixed with Iberian wolf. As she has grown older, her frame has become more fragile, and she has shrunk a little.

Also, unmistakeably a grey wolf, with a pale undercoat and coarse copper brown, tawny fur depending on the season, her colouring is influenced by the distinctive cream stripes on her muzzle from her Iberian heritage. Dark brown fur runs along her spine down to the tip of her tail. In optime form she has dark brown hair.

Her eyes are a warm grey with a hint of blue to the edges.

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Once a leader, always a leader; once a mother, always a mother.

Soledad needs someone to educate, to instruct, or to advise. She was groomed for leadership from an early age, first being sent with various uncles to travel across Europe and learn the ways of the world before settling down into family pack life, albeit a family of traders who came and went bring stories and goods. She took to motherhood with initially reluctant but natural skill, and her maternal instincts never switched off. Now an old lady, she sees in everyone she meets a glimmer of what they may one day be and inevitably works to softly coax them towards this goal she’s created for them – whether they are aware of it (or want it) or not.

It takes a lot to shock the old lady – she’s seen it all before – however she struggles with anxiety from time to time, especially triggered by feelings of failure or simply not knowing what exactly her role is and therefore what constitutes correct social etiquette. Soledad shows the first signs of a confused memory. She sometimes mixes Spanish words into her English sentences, has trouble learning new names and can become confused as to the order of which certain things happen. To combat this, she takes many notes in her memory book.
After a devastating shipwreck in which she lost two of her grandsons, Soledad landed in the New World. She spent a winter adjusting to her new environment, travelled slowly north and finally came to rest in Casa Di Cavalieri. Due to her age she is not always entirely with it, but she's a hard worker, determined to be a valuable asset to her new companions. While physically, she arrived to Casa with only a satchel and a few personal effects, she has no shortage of emotional baggage due to her full and varied life.
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