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24th February 2015
Luperci Ortus
Everard stands about seven feet tall in his Optime form, which is his preferred form. He comes equipped with a thick overly shaggy coat of light grey, almost white, fur, with a strip of pitch black running from his forehead down his chest, belly, and down his right leg. Along with this rather identifying overall color pattern he has a patch of darker grey over half his face, which the strip of black runs along down his temple and jaw. He comes in at around 227 pounds while dry, and is built rather sturdy and muscular, He can go for long periods without food, or at least he has come to be used to the occasional bit of hunger. Though he sometimes goes through involuntary fasts, his figure never changes that much. With bright green eyes, and a smile that would make almost anyone question his intentions he can often be mistaken for meaning to do harm, though his smile simply forms more of a grimace than others smiles. His coat as previously stated is rather thick and prone to small branches and twigs getting stuck in it, which he usually just ignored unless they start to get in the way, as such he can usually be seen with said twigs sticking out of his fur randomly. He can also usually be seen with a large satchel hanging across him and resting against his right side, ask him about it, and he will happily show you his collection of random things.
Usually calm and coolheaded, Everard is easily confused and tends to wander off on his own when not looked after, which has landed him in hot water more than once. He quite enjoys collecting bits and bobs, such as small bottles, colorful stones, bits of metal, Even the rusted remains of firearms. Though he doesn't know what most of these things are, he is still more than happy to collect them anyway. A bit cautious when initially meeting a stranger, he is somewhat quick to come out of his shell, though his trust can be hard to earn, he will still treat most people with respect. Though he has the body and grimace like smile of a fighter, he is usually quite kind to pretty much anyone he comes across once he gets to know them.
Parents were wanderers, traders of random bits and bobs when he was born, they died when he was about a year and a half old, leaving him with nothing but a collection of random miscellaneous bits and bobs. The only son of the pair he was fairly doted upon by an ever loving mother, though his father tried to man him up by teaching him how to fight and survive on his own.
Born to a loving pair of Luperci traders, from early on in his life he had a habit of being overly curious with the bits and bobs of his parents plied trade. By the age of around 7 months he shifted for the first time, and though a little uneasy on his feet he quickly came to terms with his new self. His parents quickly came to the understanding that he would have to be in view at most times of the day, or he would wander off to explore nearby ruins or simply climb a tree. Around the time he was half way through his second year, his parents were killed by bears while they were heading north to find ruins to scavenge. Everard managed to survive and escape on his own thanks to his parents keeping the bears busy while he fled. Though he would never see them again, he continued north, believing that he would find them at some point, believing they had managed to survive and come after him. After nearly a month on his own, he came to the crushing conclusion that his parents must have died to the bears, and fell into a depression that lasted nearly till his third year. When he finally came out of his depression, he was firmly in his third year, and had grown to his full rather intimidating size. He had continued to head north from what was the southern US, meeting strangers here and there, coming across settlements as well as lone wanderers. He quickly learned how to survive on his own, hunting and fishing, while still all the while collecting various objects of those who came before. Ever on the lookout for bits of shiny rocks, rusted metal, or bits of leather he constantly looks for ruins to explore and scavenge hoping to one day become a trader similar to his parents, though the odds of him wandering like them is rather low. Now Well into his sixth year, and having amassed quite the collection of small bottles, bits of colored glass, and even more than a couple gemstones that somehow survived until now, he has finally ended up in what was once known as Canada, though he of course doesn't know this. Wandering along pack territories he was always on the lookout for buildings, or caves, anything interesting where secrets might be hidden. Finally coming to the border of New Calidonia he stopped, deciding he was done wandering all the time, wanting somewhere to finally stop and settle. How his life will continue from this point on is a mystery that only the gods above know
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