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Radulfr is predominantly a black wolf with his fur fading down to a blue / grey colour from the middle of his ribs and covering his breast, underbelly, groin and inner thighs. At birth Radulfr's blue fur was much more rich but as he ages has been fading more into a light blue / grey. His eyes are a striking light, sky, blue colour , standing out from his all-black head and muzzle.

Despite the risks, Radulfr's home clan encourage piercing at a young age of a test of a young warriors reaction to pain. As a result Radulfr has the top of his right ear pierced with a ring and a stud and his septum pierced with a ring.

Seeing action in battle in his previous home means that under his fur, he does bare the mark of many fights and scuffles but only with minor scars and battle marks, that are not visible unless you were to lift his fur and look directly at his skin. There are however three small piercing size holes in his left ear often mistaken for piecing but are in fact the mark of a bite from a fellow Luperci.
Radulfr, although a good fighter in battle is also a strategist, both in battle and in life. Every word spoken, even gesture, glance submission, aggression is a calculation action. As a young cadet Radulfr's father taught him that 'wars are not always won with claws'. Making him more likely to forgo the battle for the sake of the war. His lifestyle reflects this, he would rather submit for the sake of an overall relationship, or offer up a part of himself in order to receive part of another.

He values honestly, loyalty and faith and believes this are not simply received but they have to be earned on merit. For this reason he will be more trusting of a Luperci that has been tested on the battlefield as he has been raised with the belief that we don't know who we are or what we will be until we are tested and the battlefield is a test of the highest order. Despite this however, he doesn't believe in pushing others towards a destiny, rather giving them the space to learn and grow and follow their own path in life and respect actions over words.

He has a deep respect for higher ranking fellows, but an understanding for his equals and underlings. This together makes him a 'respectful gentleman'. That said he does enjoy learning of other cultures, values and belief systems which does make him very open to those different from him and less likely to judge based on things like appearance, species etc.

In his homeland, women are regarded with a high amount of respect and are seen to be just as strong as the males. He will die to fight alongside the opposite gender, but also is keenly aware that the fairer sex is much stronger than society will give them credit for.
Radulfr held strong bonds with the people of home pack. These wolves all contributed to his development and he was able to take advice and values from all of them making him a true reflection of his home pack. He very much respects his elders and his betters, learns and grows from those around him.
Radulfr assimilated well into pack life back in his Scandinavian homeland. Born to both a warrior father and mother, he knew this would be his path from an early age and enlisted for training as soon has he was able and spent most of his childhood in play fights and scuffles with his siblings. Being the 'runt' of the litter, Radulfr soon learned to strategize to win such scuffles, seeing this his father very much encouraged this path for him and trained him to use his weight, speed and experience as his most valuable tools.

He soon learned he could apply the same principles to his pack life. His social interactions became more calculated, refined and in time he refined these skills offering up some of himself in order to survive. He soon found his voice in his family through his actions, for example helping his mother to feed the family gave him more leverage when it came to second helpings at the dinner table.

Graduating as a full fledged warrior, Radulfr was called upon for most territory interactions with other packs and with time he was called upon many times to scout out many instances of other wolves crossing into his pack borders as he was more willing to rely on his head rather than his heart.

In a pack full of hot-headed warriors this wasn't always appreciated and was sometimes seen as a killjoy to a somewhat bloodthirsty clan. Radulfr's brother Odin, resented this above all others and seeing this a sign of weakness used this to his advantage. When out on a regular scout Radulfr placed himself between his brother and trespasser, looking for food and shelter. Although Radulfr displayed proper submission, Odin attacked his brother, leaving only a bite mark in Radulfr's ear. Radulfr however using his weight, was able to easily throw his brother off balance, launching him into a nearby, ruins of a wall. Leaning on the wall to regain his balance, Odin stumbled knocking loose a couple of blocks causing the wall to collapse on the right paw of Odin crushing his middle, ring and little fingers, destroying the wolf's military career.

His pack, not interested in hearing of how the fight started and only how it was finished, exiled him and his once proud parents were crushed that their son who showed such promise had ruined the lives of both him and his brother in what was perceived as an act of cowardess . Odin was happy to fuel this fire and spoke to the elders of how Radulfr had been jealous of his strength and had used his mind to plot to end his career using his mind. Believing that Radulfr would use his words to persuade the elders and twist Odin's truth, he was exiled and estranged without trial.

For his service he was given his horse and his sword and was given until first light to gather supplies for the journey. So aggrieved were his parents that Radulfr was ordered to sleep in the stable that night and not return to the family home for any form of goodbye. Not wanting to bring further shame to the family Radulfr left in the middle of the night under the light of a full moon to get as much distance between himself and his family as possible.
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