Landon Winsor

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17th August 2020
Landon has the calm appeal of someone who feels unimpressed by all that life has to offer. When not hidden by an unkempt haircut, the green-gold hazel of his sleepy eyes possess a discerning edge that betrays his otherwise apathetic demeanor. His posture is something to work on, often slouched or at ease even in moments of tension; despite this, he has impeccable coordination and carries himself with grace.

Landon has a naturally lean musculature, owing strongly to his father's roots. While his frame has the potential to fill out with age (just as his father did), for the duration of his youth it will likely tend to stay on the lankier side due to travel. The pattern of his fur is a fluid blend of the dark merle hues of his mother and the rich browns of his father, favoring neither side more than the other.

When in his upright form, Landon wears a wool sweater dyed with dogwood and blueberries to a deep, faded navy. Over this is thrown a dark sheepskin coat. His outfit is complete with a pair of trousers and a belt, upon which is affixed several belt bags, an unusual charm, and a hunting knife.

Size Reference
Optime: 5'11" (180cm) — 170lbs (77kg)
Secui: 40" (101cm) — 145 lbs (65kg)
Lupus: 30" (76cm) — 80lbs (36kg)
Calm • Sardonic • Patient • Brooding
Speech: He has a deep voice and tends to be softly spoken. He speaks Common (English) and a little of Spanish.

Compared to his brash and extroverted siblings, Landon is patient, quiet, and perceptive. He has a tendency to watch and assess before engaging in conflicts, and a knack for folding said observations into deftly crafted lies (perhaps an improvisor at heart). He has a deep and unshakeable sense of independence, making him a difficult target for manipulation and on occasion, basic compromise. He knows what he likes and what he doesn't, and is hard-pressed to give way until he determines for himself a good reason for it.

Presenting to the world a sardonic and unimpressed demeanor, Landon can be an intimidating person at first. His edge is softened by the fact he is merely confident, but not always right. Consequentially, he must often devise ways of getting himself and his siblings out of self-created trouble. He seems to regard his failures without shame, and lives as if each experience is just another link in the never-ending equation of getting by.

His disregard for decorum comes not out of malice but out of an apparent pragmatism; the comfort of others is not his personal priority. He won't sugar coat the truth, or most things really. If faced with interrogation or simply asked a question he doesn't care to answer, he will walk away.

Landon will do what is necessary in order to take care of himself and his own, even if that means drawing difficult boundaries. He is ruthless in both the right and wrong ways, and doesn't care to differentiate the two.
Mother: Tiamat Amaranthe
Father: Griffin Winsor
Siblings: Owen, Rosemary

Uncles: Lotan, Calrian, Malik, Morholt
Aunts: Serafina, Siolene
cNPC: None
Animal NPC: None
Landon Winsor is the son of Tiamat Amaranthe and Griffin Winsor and brother to Rosemary Winsor and Owen Winsor. They were born on the outskirts of Portland in a simple but comfortable home. Between exciting visits from uncles and aunties and exploring their quaint and rural world, Landon and his siblings enjoyed a warm and loving upbringing for the first months of their life.

It was late in the winter of 2020 when his mother vanished in the night. They were raised solely by Griffin thereafter, with regular assistance from Rahab de le Poer, though she eventually left herself to find answers. This marked a turning point in Landon's life. He and his siblings began to share domestic responsibilities, and when their father eventually relapsed into his alcoholism, the function of their household fell to Landon's shoulders. Without much guidance, Landon and his siblings became involved with the underhanded ventures of a man named Cipher and learned a few hard lessons along the way. Their struggle to rise above their circumstances only drew them further into the fray, leaving them but one way out: through.

Their entanglement with Cipher came to a head when beloved neighbor and friend, Simo, was killed in a fire as a consequence of their actions. The Winsor children and a couple other companions fled town shortly thereafter, and their whereabouts are currently unknown. They tragically missed the return of their mother, who was brought home by Lotan, Pazuzu, and Rahab in the late summer/early fall of 2021.
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