Salvia Eternity

The Regent (NPC)
Luperci Mate to Stannis Ultra Mega Chikkun? NO. She is legend... I will send famine and wild beasts against you, and they will rob you of your children.
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a wild beast or a god
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15th December 2010
Luperci Ortus
Though Salvia is a hybrid, she is mostly wolf, and this is what she resembles. She has pale gold fur with darker markings and green eyes. Her bulk is apparent in all forms, which are thick with muscle and compact. A deep, obviously modified scar marks her chest. Salvia often wears clothing and jewelry, and regularly carries weapons and other accessories.


Arrogant - Aggressive - Blunt - Manipulative - Perceptive

Salvia is a prideful, deeply intelligent woman. She is not one for frivolous conversation or flattery, often dismissive and downright cruel to others. Her distanced behavior is one built out of childhood fears; Salvia is greatly concerned about losing those around her, and as such, tries to push others away before they get close. She does not count many friends, though seeks deeply to impress others and be respected. There seems to always be a deeper purpose to her behavior (and an intention to control both situations and people) but she is very talented at hiding her true motives.

She is obviously dominant, and carries herself as such. Salvia has a supreme confidence in her body, which is illustrated in all forms. There is rarely any hesitation in her movements. Salvia is very still, and often shifts into a feline-like gait. All of her behavior seems to be almost threatening, even when acting friendly.
Salvia is a third-generation member of the sprawling Eternity family. She is further connected to the equally large Lykoi and D'Angelo families, of which she is a third and fourth generation member, respectively.
Salvia Eternity is a high-content wolf hybrid who leads Salsola, a secretive pack rumored to be full of witches and slave-traders, as its Boss. She additionally holds the Jobs of Cazadora (Huntress) and Vaquera (Horsewoman), noted for her exceptional aptitude in matters of hunting and horse-care. A ruthless, extremely cunning woman, Salvia has proven she not only has the intelligence to rule but the physical prowess and drive to do so as well. She employs a number of personal spies throughout Salsola's ranks. Salvia was an active participant of the Second Boreas Conflict, the first war to occur under her rule, and led her pack in the war's final battle.
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