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4th May 2019
Echo is a large, pure bred wolf with slightly longer than normal legs, which means she has a higher speed and agility than most other wolves. She is lean, but muscular, and has thick, soft, black, sleek fur that hides quite a few scars. She also has a pretty thick ruff, and has a double-coat, making her especially suited for colder climates. She also has white ear tips, and a slightly tattered left ear. She also has a long, jagged scar down her right fore-leg that she had gotten in a fight with another wolf, and it causes her to walk with a slight limp. Echo also has big, dark blue, very expressive eyes, that usually contains her troubled, yet determined expression. She also has a, rather faint, horizontal scar across her muzzle. Her posture is deceptively calm, but if you look closely, you can tell that she's hyper-aware of her surroundings, and is always ready to jump into action, whether it's running away from potential danger, or leaping into a fight. Her voice is also very calm, but it has an undertone of uncertainty that fringes on slight hostility or fear, depending on who she's talking too.
Echo is very shy, due to her lack of social skills, and limited interaction with other wolves. She is also quite quiet and withdrawn, which stems from her shyness. She won't often speak to other wolves, or anyone, really, but once you get to know her, she reveals herself is very smart and imaginative. She prefers to spend time by herself, then in the company of other wolves, and often spends her time daydreaming. Echos is also out exploring new places very often, due to her life as a Loner, and knows a lot of ways to survive on her own. Surprisingly she also harbors quite a bit of insecurity, which will sometimes manifest as being snarky or curt, and will brush off any compliments or other nice things others might say abut her. She is also quite creative, always experimenting with new ideas, and likes to talk about new ideas with others that she trusts. She is pretty mistrustful, and doesn't get close to many people because of that, however, if you do manage to gain her trust, she is very loyal and protective. She also has quite a few trust issues, due to her abandonment by her parents, and it is very hard to earn her trust.
Echo was born to two Loners, and was left to fend for herself as soon as she was old enough to survive on her own. During her life with her parents, she was completely ignored and neglected unless they were giving her food, or moving to another place. Because of this, she is very mistrustful of others, and because life as a Loner has been the norm for her, she doesn't have very good social skills. She is a very skilled hunter, as that is what keeps her alive, and is very fast and agile. She has tried to join other packs, but ultimately ends up leaving, as she never feels comfortable when around a lot of other wolves, and not liking rules doesn't help much either. Though she may end up sticking to a pack, no one knows for sure. She actually enjoys the life of a Lone wolf, even though it is rough and very harsh, which is another reason she never sticks to a pack for very long. She is actually very lonely, despite her mistrustful, self-reliant demeanor, but is too scared to trust or depend on anyone, because they might abandon her like her parents had.
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