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Inga is purely wolf, on her mother’s side predominantly Makenzie and Eastern Timber, on her father’s side, predominantly Grey. She is ever so slightly taller than her sister, taller than her mum, but considerably shorter than her father. Her thick fur is of average length. Her colouring is darker than her mother and sister, but lighter than her father. Like both her parents, she has green eyes. Her face markings, pale on the cheek, darker above, accentuate her cheekbones. Like her sister, she has inherited a long slender muzzle from her mother’s side of the family, and the combination may on occasion make her come across as slightly haughty.

Due to her active interest in outdoor pursuits, such as horse riding, she is quickly losing her puppy fat and developing into a lean, muscular young lady. Her shoulders are particularly strong due to her regular archery practice, encouraged by her father.

As she has grown up in New Caledonia, she is used to a humanized lifestyle which was encouraged by her father. Despite this, she is comfortable shifting back and forth should it prove convenient. Her Optime hair is regularly braided, simply so if she’s tending to her own hair, perhaps more decoratively so if she’s asked her sister to help. Occasionally she wears flowers in her hair as her father told her that her mother used to. Her jewellery and accessories and more children’s trinkets rather than anything precious, and she’s liable to go through phases of wearing one thing or another. She rarely wears clothes, mostly due to the influence of her father, but this may change as she develops her own style.

25% Common Gray Wolf, 25% Unspecified Wolf Species, 15.63% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf, 12.5% Italian Wolf, 9.38% Arctic Wolf
Ingvildr has, so far, had a reasonably sheltered upbringing. She never really knew her mother, and so whilst the unhappy emotions that surrounded her birth must have been present to her as a young pup, she would not have been aware of what was happening. Her aunts and milk mother stepped in and provided female support during her early childhood, and her father was lovingly devoted, trying to make up for the absence of his wife. As such, Ingvildr has developed a strong sense of family loyalty and devotion.

Ingvildr developed a close relationship with her sister Sólveig and further developed a broad range of friendship building skills due to the presence of many cousins and her milk sister Naomi Stryder. Keen to please her father, Ingvildr developed good manners and took up his favoured skill, archery. She has proven herself to have natural talent and enthusiasm for her weapon of choice. Furthermore, she quickly developed a love of the outdoors and physical activity although her activity of choice changes from time to time.

She’s independent, and liable to wander and explore without considering the consequences. Whilst she has a theoretical understanding of danger, this is not a practical understanding, and she has not yet learnt her limits or where she should place her boundaries. When Ingvildr has something on her mind, an idea or enthusiasm, it is often all consuming and draws her complete focus. She’s capable of forgetting all else when her mind is fixated on a goal and this can on occasion get her into trouble. These periods of obsession are frequently followed by periods of complete disinterest as she moves onto the next exciting thing.

Her facial expression is considerably more guarded than her sibling’s, and she is more reluctant to express her feelings openly, especially to strangers. She’s not yet been inclined to think about romantic relationships and would be cautious in the initial approach (as her aunt Kalypso advised her), although when it happens, she may fall in love intensely and without considering the consequences.

When upset, Ingvildr can be cold. She would be more likely to glare, give the silent treatment and sulk than come to punches. If she's going to be aggressive, it would be more likely be cold, bitter, planned and from a distance.
Father: Merlin Knight
Sister: Sólveig
Milk sister: Naomi Stryder
Milk mother: Tegan Stryder
Aunts: Kalypso Savoy and Gaia Dawnrunner
Many cousins and extended family. see wiki for full details.
Ingvildr was born on the 12th of February alongside sisters Sólveig Dawnrunner and Rúna Stormbringer to parents Thyri Dawnbringer and Merlin Knight of the New Caledonia pack. Sadly, Rúna passed away six days after their birth, followed soon after by Thyri, which devastated Merlin who had to enlisted Teagan Stryder to nurse his baby daughters.

As she grew older, into a strong and athletic somewhat boisterous pup, Ingvildr developed close relationships with her sister Sólveig, her milk sister Naomi Stryder and spent much time with her father who was a devoted parent. Additionally, she benefitted from the love and attention of her aunts, Kalypso Savoy and Gaia Dawnrunner. Kalypso in particular has provided a maternal influence in Ingvildr’s childhood.

From a young age, Merlin instilled in Ingvildr the importance of being polite and respectful to her elders and seniors within the pack. She has been taught stories of her mother’s gods by her father and she has come into contact with the New Caledonian gods through pack members. In August, shortly before her sister, she had her first shift.

Since this point, she has spent considerable time improving her archery skills, coached by her father, learning some basic woodwork and improving her horsemanship.

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