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12th February 2020
Inga is purely wolf, on her mother’s side predominantly Makenzie and Eastern Timber, on her father’s side, predominantly Grey. She is ever so slightly taller than her sister, taller than her mum, but considerably shorter than her father. Her thick fur is of average length. Her colouring is darker than her mother and sister, but lighter than her father. Like both her parents, she has green eyes. Her face markings, pale on the cheek, darker above, accentuate her cheekbones. Like her sister, she has inherited a long slender muzzle from her mother’s side of the family, and the combination may on occasion make her come across as slightly haughty.

Ingvildr has the body of a muscular young woman. Her shoulders are particularly strong due to her regular archery practice, which was encouraged by her father as a child, and which she has continued to pursue competitively.

As she has grown up in New Caledonia, she is used to a humanized lifestyle, which was encouraged by her father. Despite this, she is comfortable shifting back and forth should it prove convenient. Her Optime hair is regularly braided, simply so if she’s tending to her own hair, perhaps more decoratively so if she’s asked her sister to help. Occasionally she wears flowers in her hair as her father told her that her mother used to. Her jewellery and accessories and more children’s trinkets rather than anything precious, and she’s liable to go through phases of wearing one thing or another. She rarely wears clothes, mostly due to the influence of her father, but this may change as she develops her own style.

25% Common Gray Wolf, 25% Unspecified Wolf Species, 15.63% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf, 12.5% Italian Wolf, 9.38% Arctic Wolf
Ingvildr had a reasonably sheltered upbringing. She never really knew her mother, and so whilst the unhappy emotions that surrounded her birth must have been present to her as a young pup, she would not have been aware of what was happening. Her aunts and milk mother stepped in and provided female support during her early childhood, and her father was lovingly devoted, trying to make up for the absence of his wife. As such, Ingvildr has developed a strong sense of family loyalty and devotion.

Ingvildr developed a close relationship with her sister Sólveig and further developed a broad range of friendship building skills due to the presence of many cousins and her milk sister Naomi Stryder. Keen to please her father, Ingvildr developed good manners and took up his favoured skill, archery. She has proven herself to have natural talent and enthusiasm for her weapon of choice. Furthermore, she quickly developed a love of the outdoors and physical activity.

She’s independent and struggles to balance her own need for solitude and communion with the natural world, and her desire to be recognised within the pack and to fulfil her sense of family loyalty. When Ingvildr has something on her mind, an idea or enthusiasm, it is often all consuming and draws her complete focus. She’s capable of forgetting all else when her mind is fixated on a goal and this can frustrate others who might consider her selfish. She is often not aware of this. These periods of obsession are frequently followed by periods of complete disinterest as she moves onto the next exciting thing.

Her facial expression is considerably more guarded than her sibling’s, and she is more reluctant to express her feelings openly, especially to strangers.

When upset, Ingvildr can be cold. She is more likely to glare, give the silent treatment and sulk than come to punches. However, if pushed, she will fight. She can hold a grudge and be frustratingly incommunicative if she doesn't feel appreciated. With romantic relationships, she is more likely to disengage as she becomes less interested over time, however, if she feels wronged, she can too easily lose control of her emotions and switch from victim to aggressor. Typically, she is not sympathetic to what she sees as weak behaviour.
Father: Merlin Knight
Sister: Sólveig
Milk sister: Naomi Stryder
Milk mother: Tegan Stryder
Aunts: Kalypso Savoy and Gaia Dawnrunner
Many cousins and extended family. see wiki for full details.
Ingvildr was born in alongside her sisters Rúna Stormbringer and Sólveig Dawnrunner on the 12th February 2020 to Merlin Knight and Thyri Stormbringer in the house where her parents lived #16 City Square as members of New Caledonia. Sadly, Rúna passed away after only six short days of life, and following complications from the birth, her other Thyri also departed the living world.

Devastated by the loss of his beloved, and faced with two pups less than a week old, Merlin requested the aid of packmate Teagan Strider to nurse Ingvildr and Sólveig. In the safe comfort offered by New Caledonia, Ingvildr grew into a confident, healthy pup. She developed a strong relationship with her blood sister Sólveig, and they were rarely seen apart. Her milk sister Naomi Stryder offered another valued friendship. As a parent, although heartbroken by the lost of his partner, Merlin was generous and patient. A role model to Inga who, eager to please her father took a keen interest in his woodworking and archery skills. Aunts, Kalypso Savoy and Gaia Dawnrunner, provided much needed female role models and maternal affection. Kalypso in particular took a keen interest in her twin nieces and further guided Inga when as an adult she became interested in developing trading skills.

Ingvildr shifted for the first time in August 2020, shortly before her sister. With the help of her father, she learned to ride a horse, shoot a bow and make arrows. Merlin was particularly proud of his daughter when she came second in the Casa Di Cavalieri Olympics archery competition and on developing her skills as a tinker. She later competed in barrel racing in the Del Cenere Gang Lancaster Stockshow in 2021 and thoroughly enjoyed the competitive environment.

Being a wandered at heart, driven by a curiosity to see new places and understand the wider world, Ingvildr spent more time away from pack lands. Determined to be able to look after herself she spent her autumnal months exploring new places. During this time, she met wolves who knew the art of basket weaving using black ash. In the early months of 2022 tragedy struck her pack and, having not been around involved in the lead up to the attack, she berated herself for not recognising the dangers, especially so after the death of her milk mother. Late winter turned into spring but Ingvildr, already with a tendency towards periods of solitude distanced herself from her family. She was unable to deal with the emotional overwhelm that struck her following the realisation that the home which she had always imagined to be safe was vulnerable.

During late spring Ingvildr made various trips north to search out places with knowledge of her dead mother’s gods. From a young age, Ingvildr had heard of these gods from her father, but they were not the same gods as typically were worshipped by New Caledonia members. In search of something to calm her heart she sought knowledge.

Conscious he was now eight years old and had faced a tough life with many years doing forced labour, in September of 2022 she agreed to accompany her father to Portland, to the Citadel. Life in the Citadel however was not to Inga’s taste. Although she met many new canines, she missed her home and the land of New Caledonia which she knew so well.

In late November 2022 before the worst of winter set in, Inga returned to her homeland. However, over the winter, New Caledonian entered a period of unease. Following a short period of violence and treachery, which for Inga resulted in the loss of a cousin and severe injuries when she attempted to save Pippa from a fire in the Dye Studio, Inga left with her sister and other family members.

The group resettled to the Miramichi Wilderness, forming the Shingetsu Trading Company.

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