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Las Piras
Luperci Caballista II, Pulgar Verde I Apprentice Shifting seasons
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Date of Birth:
3rd July 2020
Luperci Ortus

Size Reference
Optime: 135 lbs (61 kg) — 5 ft 4 in (69 in) (162.5 cm)
Secui: 115 lbs (52 kg) — 37 in (94 cm)
Lupus: 20 lbs (19 kg) — 22 in (56 cm)

Despite her full-blooded nature, there's a hodgepodge aspect to her outward appearance.

Thoroughly coyote, Esperanza is diminutive and slinky from the tip of her tapered muzzle to the end of her bottle brush tail. During the summer, her pale, agouti coat blows out from its thick, bushy state to sleek and almost sparse, making her look somehow infinitely gawkier than the full-bodied fuzz. Her tan ears are large, radar-like, and ever moving and listening to an almost comical extent as they sit on her nearly too-small head - and, to pair with it, her large, round eyes are expressive - Esperanza's expressions play across her face plainly and are rarely ever static.

She's rather highly humanized, rarely outside of her Optime form since she first shifted - Esperanza is all leg, no hips, narrow shoulders to the point that she swims in any and every androgynous garment she wears; Her hands are already growing rough from the family's past-time of tending horses. If not for her youthful, high voice and the rounded, daintiness in her features, there are no secondary characteristics or adornments to attest to her femininity. Her hair is a flaxen mop, more often than not hastily put up to keep it out of the way.

Speech: Youthful, tentative, and a little more than just reserved. Bell-like.

Esperanza is a chronic worrier.

While pack-life is good, and secure, her home life has been far from such; The rapid-fire loss of a littermate, followed closely by her older sister of whom she was close with, have left Esperanza deeply in-tune with the morbid fascination and fear of death itself. She's the sort to rush and check on sleeping siblings, just to ensure they still draw breath, much to their annoyance. Aside from this anxiety, she's warm and personable, if not a bit of a wallflower. Esperanza prefers the company of others to solitude, even if she does not contribute much to the conversation - and, when the company of her peers is scarce, she happily spends time with livestock.

Outwardly, the young Tejada expresses herself earnestly, and readily invests herself into social relationships. She attaches herself eagerly to others, and expresses love language through thoughtful actions and food or gift sharing. She tends to wring her hands or gesticulate while she speaks, outwardly exuberant and over-the-top with her self-expression despite her more reserved tonality and expression, as though withholding herself from being overwhelming. Not overtly clever, Esperanza makes up for her shortcomings with inventiveness and intuition to compensate for the lack of guile or ability to read many people's social nuance, and defaults more often than not towards making herself as unobtrusive as possible to avoid being an irritant.




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El Paso, b. Polvo de Oro Horse, 18 May 2020 A spirited young stallion, gifted to her by her father the moment she had shifted. The two of them are thick as thieves, and she sometimes struggles to keep her equine companion out of trouble. If she's not tending to communal stock or her own family's animals, she's likely spending time with El Paso - and he tends to stick to her like glue, following obediently with or without a lead, or getting up to mischief at her expense.

Navigation of her young and early life has been complicated, to say the least - the birth of her litter was quickly and rapidly overshadowed by the kidnapping of her older sister. The family dynamic was distracted, fractured, which compounded when littermate Thiago drew his last breath just shy of two months. Any calm that came with the return of Luciana was lost shortly after - Esperanza sat by, helpless and unable to do much but call for her parents whilst bearing witness to her older sibling's passing from an internal damage sustained from a wound.

All stability from that point felt lost, the Tejada household in disrepair and notably quiet in the following months. With Santiago taking to the bottle, and Evelyn focused on her work, the siblings all took to relying on one another more heavily for support in the wake of conflict, and Esperanza stressed herself to try and take up the mantle of familial glue, determined to hold together the pieces of a sinking ship in the spaces between busying herself with fleeting distractions.

At current, Esperanza lives in the Tejada household within Del Cenere, ranked as a Chispa, though has high aspirations of holding a place among the esteemed Gaucho like her sister, Rafaela.

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