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5th May 2018
Miguel is tall and scruffy, with his light brown fur hanging in dense scraggly clumps over his body with a dark saddle across his back. He has a lanky build, and wears a colourful red and green woolen shawl hanging from his shoulders. On his head he wears a matching chullo hat and bent and worn circular eyeglass frames (without lenses) at the end of his snout. His scruffy fur gives him a slightly unkempt beard which he often scratches in thought.

He has striking blue eyes inherited from his mother's side, which are often hidden by his scruffy eyebrows and hair, which is seldom tamed and usually kept tied behind his head in a bun in optime form. Miguel often stares into the distance, ignoring those around him, and is seen to be aloof and uninterested.

Miguel has a high-pitched and slightly whiny voice, with which he speaks quickly and often slurs words together, as if he expects everyone to keep up with him and naturally understand.

Miguel smells of acrid desert dust which he has picked up in his travels and clings to his fur, as well as the smell of llamas he has picked up from growing up around the animal, as well as wearing their wool.
Growing up herding llamas, Miguel filled his tedious time thinking about existential topics and reading any scraps of text that he could get his hands onto, giving him the reputation of an asocial bookworm amongst his village. But this is far from the case, as Miguel loves nothing more than to cross-examine anyone willing to converse with him and test their beliefs. Miguel often, and unwittingly, annoys those unready for his judging gaze and prying questions, but he genuinely believes he is doing them a favour by affirming their core beliefs and ridding them of any untruths.

When he's not being judgemental and nosy, Miguel enjoys exploring and learning new things, making him open to trying new experiences and learning new skills to help those around him; and its because of this that he braved the journey north to Canada to expand his horizons and test his own core beliefs against the rugged packs of his canine brethren.

Despite all this, Miguel is very sheltered and naive, and has been slightly shaken by the long journey north and remains very homesick of his village in the Andes, often taking many at their word and assuming the best in others.
Miguel was born in a village in the Andes to his father Fabian Quispe and his mother Paz Lopez, who was originally from family in the Caribbean. His father's family had always herded llamas in the Andes, and so he was raised in the mountaintops of the Andes around a close community and many llamas.

At a young age Miguel decided he wanted to see the world, which disappointed his larger pack as they wanted him to stay close and keep the village going; but was inspired by his mother Paz who had made a journey across America years before. This fuelled Miguel's inquisitive mind and he decided that he would travel across up to Canada when he was of age.

Packing just his shawl and a companion llama, Miguel left his village not long after his first shift, and made his way across the landmass, with frequent stops to friendly settlements and packs along the way. It was through this that he found his love for dialogue with people and inspired to learn people's stories along his travels. His llama didn't make the journey across North America, but with the lightened burden he sped across past the Appalachian mountains and explored ancient ruined cities, picking up interesting texts where he could find them, but ultimately not settling down until he made his way over into Canada.
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