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Clouded Leopard
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7th October 2012
Luperci Verto
Feng is a young clouded leopard, only weighing a few pounds and no larger than a house cat. His body is made mostly of light colors, with his large spots being the darkest part. Black coats the back of his ears and much of his head is covered in spots or stripes. His tail is as long as his small body and sharp claws are hidden inside his massive paws. Like any young baby, Feng has bright blue eyes that will eventually turn a golden brown.

3 months: Feng is the size of a fully grown house cat.

4 months: Feng is the size of a small dog and his eyes have begun to take on a darker tone. This will process will be complete by the time he is 5 months, where they will be a golden brown.

8 months: Feng is fully grown. He stands at 15 inches at the shoulder and is 5 1/2 feet long. Over half is body length is comprised of his long tail. He weighs 46 lbs. His canine teeth are just a hair over two inches long (the same length of a tiger's canine teeth).
adult fang
Feng is a rather reserved cub. He has a strong distrust for luperci and can be rather timid around strangers. However, when relaxed Feng can be a fast little ball of fur. Just like his name, silent wind, Feng is capable of running fast and silent. He can often be found up high, stalking or lazing about in trees. The higher Feng can get, the happier he will be.

Feng speaks a little chinese feline high speech and no canine high speech. His learning has been stunted due to the separation form his parents and any luperci who might have continued his education.
Honrin: his best friends
Pic of them together
Feng's parents lived in eastern china, high in the mountains where the clouds kissed the earth. They belonged to a rising religious order that worshiped the power the luperci of the west held. It became customary among the large cats to make a pilgrimages to Europe, specifically to the large luperci cities. Feng's parents, along with many other large cats in the area, made their pilgrimage to the western most points of Europe.

Along the way, Feng's mother became pregnant and gave birth to two cubs. Feng and his sister were born, and while his sister died almost immediately, Feng managed to survive the journey and grow with his family. When the cub was only a few weeks old, the pilgrims reached their destination and settled down so as to let young Feng grow.

By the time Feng was two months old, the travelers had been spotted by a band of merchant luperci who immediately took interest in the rare cats. The pilgrims were slaughtered in the the night, leaving Feng a hapless orphan and his parents as pelts to be sold. The merchants took hold of Feng, locking him in a small cage as he was sold from merchant to merchant where the trade quickly took him across the seas to Freetown and eventually Halifax.

The young clouded leopard was quickly introduced to a diet of solid foods, using a jackal slave's milk as a substitute until he was fully weaned. Other than his daily feeding, Feng had no direct contact with the luperci.

The entire trip took one and a half months to complete, until he was brought to Halifax along with many other slaves and exotic "pets" to be sold at a high price to the luperci that lived there.
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