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The Warden
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4th June 2018
Monet is, to put it plainly, remarkably unremarkable.

Their coat comprises a flat array of cool slate tones, only shifting in subtle variation save for a pale patch that sits at the hollow of their throat. Their eyes are deep-set and a rich, bruised wine in color, and prone to crinkling at the edges with their sharp, angled features; just a touch too rough to be considered feminine, but too soft to define as strictly masculine.

For all appearances, Monet straddles a blurry and androgynous line, which suits them fine. Lithe and limber, they pride their delicate athleticism and narrow shape that, with ample practice since shifting, has lent itself perfectly well to acrobatic hobbies and quick-finger sleight of hand tricks.

One thing is certain - they are difficult to pinpoint. Monet goes to great lengths to appear as ambiguous as possible, and rarely shifts from their lanky Optime form to maintain their secrets beneath layers of clothes, décor, and perfumes. They are fond of other methods of self-expression as well, and frequently will paint markings over their eyes or lacquer their nails with dyes to portray an almost grandiose nature beneath the veil of their own secrecy and roguish attire.

A performer, through-and-through, Monet is amiable, social, and eager to fit in with their surroundings. They are playfully flirtatious, and relatively free with their affection by way of pet-names when comfortable with individuals, but thrive best in group situations and when working in tandem with others.

However, much of their friendliness comes across as surface-level and disingenuous, undercut by Monet's distrusting and suspicious personality at its base level. Past hardship has nurtured a greedy and self-serving interest, and as such, they find it difficult to forge deeper connections with their community, much less individuals; Gray morality dictates that it's easiest to take advantage of others when they are at a disadvantage, and thus, they will bide their time and often resort to cowardly or manipulative methods to achieve desired goals.

They carry themselves with confidence and panache, and have a warm, soft-spoken alto of a voice that's easy to listen to. Speech comes easily, and is relatively smooth, quickening only rarely when confronted or anxious. It scratches somewhat when hesitant. They flourish frequently and often with their hands, and have a habit of clasping their palms together when listening to portray invested interest in conversation.

They have an interest in entertaining others, and are a practicing contortionist, though more often than not, it is for breaking-and-entering purposes.

Monet identifies as Non-binary, and is quick to correct people who refer to them with incorrect pronouns with a tight-lipped smile. Outside of Salsola's borders, Monet adopts the moniker "Pagliacci".

Family: Firestone
Mother: Yardena
Father: Marceau Firestone
  • Rowan Firestone (Older)
  • Barrault Firestone
  • Brigitte Firestone

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From the beginning, things had not gone smoothly for Monet Firestone.

For unknown reasons, Monet and their siblings were left to their own devices shortly after they were weaned, destabilizing much of their family dynamic. Left in the care of an elder brother, the group lived largely hand-to-mouth until they found a relatively sound investment in the protection of a smaller pack that took the splintered siblings in and provided a much-needed security. Throughout Monet's adolescence, things grew relatively complacent in the care of others, until conflict reared its head within their household. In the wake of small-scale guerilla warfare and a traumatic turn of events, Monet's brother and guardian was slain to allow for them, and a friend, to escape - from the neighboring hillside, the duo watched their home go up in flame.

The duo stuck together as long as they were able, thick as thieves - at least, until Monet's mourning and fickle, indecisive outbursts ultimately lead to a falling out between the relationship. Reluctant to continue living hand to mouth, Monet went looking for a place that could provide safety, happiness, and a peace of mind they have never had.

Whilst in Portland, Monet met up with Blair Eternity, Salsola's Governor, and by welcome invitation, followed her envoy to the Kingdom Proper to start their new life as an Associate.

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