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63% gray wolf, 22% northern america landrace dog, 13% eastern america landrace dog, 2% other canis mix
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5th February 2014
Luperci Ortus
BirchBark has robin's egg blue eyes, the color of the summer sky at midday. Her face and body share a main color of so dark grey that it's practically black. The insides of her ears are a dark brown with lighter pigments of charcoal spots, suggesting that the rest of her skin, probably also has these spots. Through normal fur density, her skin isn't visible, though its darker color probably contributes to the darkness of her overall hue. But where thinner fur is, around her armpits, the insides of her hips, and inside her ears, one can begin to glimpse her skin's natural pigments.

Her face has some darker highlights around her eyebrows. But lower, from her chin to her neck to her underside and finishing on her rump and the insides of her hips, her fur coloration is lighter, a stormcloud grey, as if her genetic printer tentatively printed those parts and planned to come back to them, but found that there were no more black ink reserves to darken that fur and sort of gave up there.

There isn't much that's remarkable about her. She's a little smaller than the average wolf and that helps to contribute to her forgetability.

She usually wears clothing that is simple, comfortable, and has a wide range of movement. While she does like art, wearing it feels insulting because it will just get dirty.

Optime: 5' 5", 150 lbs
Secui: 37" , 120 lbs
Lupus: 25" , 67 lbs
BirchBark was an old soul when she was younger but now that she's getting older, time really hasn't done her any favors. Individuals go through phases of learning, wanting to apply that learning, and then unlearning all of that and not trying to change things anymore. That's where BirchBark is at.

She isn't terribly creative, but she is wise beyond her years - she just struggles with applying these things to her own life. She is kind, faithful, and nurturing. But to a fault: going above and beyond what she should, so that in the end, it's inevitably herself that gets hurt. It isn't that she's niave or young or inexperienced. She simply chooses to put others before herself, again and again. And, simply put, those others rarely do the same. In this way, one could also say that she is usually overly committed to her causes.

Aside from those heavy notes, she is a practical person who enjoys sensation: touching, smelling, really feeling her environment with all of her senses. She tends to be conservative with her views and opinions, but she can also be overly materialistic at times. She highly values security in her situation, feeling safe, and feeling at peace. She doesn't like sudden changes or surprises, and can easily get frustrated if the weather doesn't cooperate with her plans. She is usually cheerful and can find redeeming qualities in any hurricane.

This woman enjoys all of the creative arts, expressions of freedom and emotion, and loves being surrounded by others who are both at peace with themselves and actively chasing their passions.

"Hippie" isn't really a very fitting label for her, but it's a pretty close one-word adjective.
See family tree:

Mother: BirchTree
Father: uncertain

First-Cousin: WoodSmoke
Second-Cousin: SmokeCloud
With the Luperci virus beginning to decimate the native wolf populations, a small pack on the north-east, inland from the coast and shielded by some impressive mountain ranges and valleys, struggled to find the non-infected genetic diversity needed to maintain a healthy population. Too much inbreeding, thanks to polyamorous, polygamous culture, had really begun to peek through the generations by the time that BirchBark was born to her mother BirchTree, one of many females that the alpha had taken, and shared. Fortunately, BirchBark was born without genetic deformity, but her small stature and female gender marked her as having next to no importance in the pack.

When BirchBark was still young, the pack recruited a healer from a neighboring tribe to help them, and the old wolf, Jacubi, did what he could for the wolves with less fortunate genes. Finding little purpose in the pack, BirchBark sought out Jacubi on a regular basis and began to learn from him.

Around this time, a foreign male came a'courtin', and found himself a female to pass on his lineage. His ... infected lineage. In this particularly sexual pack, the virus spread like wildfire.

BirchBark, Jacubi, the alpha, practically every member of the pack was swept up, infected, and transformed within months. The pack struggled to find its identity and place in the world. Old Man Jacubi had a wide support network from his previous pack and was one of the first to fully embrace his Optime form and its opposable thumbs, finding immediate application with medicine. BirchBark struggled to embrace her new forms, finding many struggles with the pack's former non-infected ideology. She was not unique in her struggles therein.

BirchBark grew and quickly graduated into her own. In a pack meeting, Jacubi inserted a surprise announcement that she was now a fully-qualified medicine man, such as himself. BirchBark hated every moment of it. Though she waited for some form of recognition or elevated status, it never came. Age 4 found her carrying the bulk of the child-care and medicine of the pack, and Jacubi's health had begun to decline with old age. He passed away the following year, leaving BirchBark numb in her grief for the loss of her greatest mentor and friend, and doing the things that she always did, because that was the way things were.

At age 5, BirchBark had some suspicions that some of her patients would benefit from mental health assistance, and she followed up with additional training for herself in the psychology arena. She was right. They did benefit. She was no shrink, but she could help some things, and she was proud of her personal growth.

By the time she was 6, she had long since given up on love or romantic prospects. But one of the more genetically and mentally challenged men of the pack had set his sights on her. Caught unawares, she let herself get swept up in the lacking romance, until the realization dawned of his mental facilities, and what children with him would mean for the pack, and for her own future. It didn't help that she discovered most of her crush's actions were the instructions of his friend and that his actual actions were too far from what would be needed in a partnership.

BirchBark realized then that the pack really had very little love for her, for her services caring for the young, ill, and challenged, and that she would find no romance there. She wanted to feel resentment for the time she had spent, but she could not knowing that she had impacted many souls for the better, even though the gratitude would never show through. She suspected that either the pack had never cared because they had never truly noticed her, or, they had never liked her because of what she was associated with: their sick members. Either she could continue things here, unloved, unappreciated, and die an old spinster, or, she could move on. If she wasn't so hurt from the heartbreak, she might have chosen to stay, but the sight of the man was too much for her to bear.

She wandered some, letting her mind pull her chapters in that pack to a close, and adjust to surroundings. Then, she traveled with wandering traders, trading manual labor for directions, safety in numbers.

Until at last she reached the lands of 'Souls....

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