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3rd January 2021
Luperci Ortus
Catalina is a dainty little thing. In lupus she is long-legged, and big eared, her doey little eyes curious if the world around her. Standing only at 20 inches (full grown) you could imagine how short and leggy she is as a mere child.

As a child, she is clumsy, and it shows in the way she walks and talks. Catalina has very soft fur, and even though she does not take baths often, her coat always smells like berries and juniper bushes.

Cat is almost an exact replica of her mother- Aani- save for her stunning turquoise eyes. If you look close enough at her eyes they’re a mix of blue and green.

Yielding mocha and black colored, bouncy curls, Cat inherited that from her mother’s side of the family, and will not develop this curly colored hair until she is shifted in her optime form.

In secui- she is longer-legged and has a bountiful little “hair patch” that sits atop her head. In the mixture of mocha and black, the markings upon her back are more noted in this form. She stands at 30 inches in this form, making it more likely to run in but not likely her favorite form when older.

In optime- her colorations and coat stands out more, giving her a lighter look to the front (due to her cream coloration under eyes, on chest, hands, and inner legs), and a darker look from the back. Catalina will stand at five foot three inches fully grown, and will likely use this form for day to day activities.
Flower power, tree-hugger. Lover of all things innocent.

Catalina is very shy, and meek. Her demeanor is off-putting and timid, making her seem like a tiny and submissive coyote.

Catalina is often-times “flinch heavy”, meaning she flinched if someone raises a hand above her head and otherwise. This can create some probable damage later on in life- if the abuse and neglect from her mother continues.

Catalina is very smart, and learns things very quickly. She doesn’t speak, not very well right now, and is reserved. As she grows she will develop a better vocabulary and likely stay quiet, reserved, and shy.

Catalina is a flower child, loving everything sweet and delicious smelling, and always, always, optimistic. She loves flowers, loves gardening, and a lot of her young life will be spent doing such events.

From a young age she had to try to have a positive outlook on life, since she could see for she remembers not much- except the devilish eyes of her mother.

All in all, Catalina is a shy, submissive, and intelligent child.
Aani Aston-D’Noires is her mother whom she has a very rocky relationship with. Almost as if her mother hates her.

Carya Aston is her grandmother, of which she has never once met.

Eden de le Ulrich, is her Mommy Eden, and she is and always will be the one who gave her the most attention and love.

Arius de le Ulrich, is her brother. She tries to find the good in everyone, but since a young age the two of them constantly fought. Mainly he with her, and he would always try to harm her.

Deirdra de le Ulrich, is her sister. Minutes, seconds older- and she treats her as if she is a child. Dee isn’t mean but is more disappointed that her sister is so... weak. Dee has a special bond with Lina and the two of them have a mutual understanding.
Catalina was conceived in a devilish manner by her mother Aani, drugging her other mother (and biological father) Eden. Due to this nature, the relationship between her mothers are tense, and her relationships with her siblings are also tense.

Catalina is just a youth but her history is pre-written by her mother. From the very beginning she is tormented by her brother Arius, and while her sister Deirdra doesn’t necessarily like her, they still get along- some of the time. Catalina is traumatized by her mother. The accusations and the constant criticism from her, makes Catalina wish that her mother were nicer and is a reason why Catalina is so nice.

Catalina is only two months old and in those short two months, she has had her fair share of learning so far. Her mother speaks French sometimes, so she has used her intelligence to try to understand which words mean what. Right now, she knows only a basic knowledge of “my name is” and “yes, no, please and thank you” in French. Otherwise her English is a bit garbled.

Catalina has some stuttering problems which leads to her not wanting to speak much. And just observe. Catalina was not properly nourished, and got the rest of her nourishment from Eden- or by her sister Deirdra. This caused Catalina to somewhat have a delayed learning ability.

Over all, she is healthy and brilliant, making everyday the best that she can.
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