Date of Birth:
1st March 2021
Luperci Ortus
Catalina is a dainty little thing. In lupus she is long-legged, and big eared, her doey little eyes curious if the world around her. Standing only at 20 inches and is slightly underweight due to her lack of venturing outside her home.

Catalina is a mixture of colorations, much like her mother, with vivid verdant orbs. Her smile is bright, but reserved.

In secui- she is longer-legged and has a bountiful little “hair patch” that sits atop her head. In the mixture of mocha and black, the markings upon her back are more noted in this form. She stands at 30 inches in this form, making it more likely to run in but not her favorite form as she has grown older.

In optime- her colorations and coat stands out more, giving her a lighter look to the front (due to her cream coloration under eyes, on chest, hands, and inner legs), and a darker look from the back. Catalina stands at five foot three inches fully grown, and uses this form for day to day activities, on occasion she is seen in Secui.

Her entire right side of her face is littered in scars, and thus, she covers it up with her hood, or hair. Oftentimes she parts is perfectly so it is placed in front of the scars.
Flower power, tree-hugger. Lover of all things innocent. Catalina loves children, and will actually protect children, breaking her meek shell.

Catalina is very shy, and meek. Her demeanor is off-putting and timid, making her seem like a tiny and submissive coyote, who has nothing to say to anyone. While this is true, she seeks nothing more than friendship and the love of others. On the inside she has a lot to say, but no one except her flowers to talk to.

Catalina is often-times “flinch heavy”, meaning she flinches if someone raises a hand above her head and otherwise. This has sense created problems in her life, as she has shifted she doesn’t look in reflections, and is actually terrified of her own voice.

Catalina is very smart, and learns things very quickly. Her language barrier (non-speaking by her own choice) makes things interesting when around others.

Even though her beginning stages of life were terrifying and damaging, the girl often-times has nightmares and is seen pacing in Silverado fields. Catalina sticks to the comfort of Daphne, and/or Peony, finding her voice carefully, and slowly.

All in all, Catalina is a shy, submissive, and intelligent young woman with a memory of trauma and is severely affected even into her growing age. She depends upon Peony and sometimes even Daphne, for reassurance and food, most days, or she simply will not eat, too afraid to venture outside of her home.
Aani Aston-D’Noires is her mother whom she has a very rocky relationship with. Almost as if her mother hates her.

Carya Aston is her grandmother, of which she has never once met.

Eden de le Ulrich, is her Mommy Eden, and she is and always will be the one who gave her the most attention and love.

Arius de le Ulrich, is her brother. She tries to find the good in everyone, but since a young age the two of them constantly fought. Mainly he with her, and he would always try to harm her.

Deirdra de le Ulrich, is her sister. Minutes, seconds older- and she treats her as if she is a child. Dee isn’t mean but is more disappointed that her sister is so... weak. Dee has a special bond with Lina and the two of them have a mutual understanding.
Catalina was born to a volatile relationship between Eden and Aani, the memories faded with time as she was sent to die alone by the hands of not only her mother, but by her once caregiver. Or so she believes.

Catalina has since, grown up in adel Cenere Gang under the watchful eye of her momma Nazario, and Momma Peony, raised in a very loving environment she was safe, or so she had thought, up until Aani had come back and attacked her, not once, but twice. Due to her trauma, the child remains silent and refuses to admit the truth to anyone.

She lives in the home of Nazario, and remains under the protection of the pack. In fact, due to the recent attacks, she is absolutely terrified to leave her home, unless she sneaks out to Silverado Fields.

Catalina’s shift wasn’t traumatic, at least not at first, once she shifted she glanced into her reflection and instead of herself, she saw her mother. This has sense created a very tense situation, and life, causing Catalina to hardly ever look into her own reflection or mirrors, in fact in her room in her home with Nazario, all things that reflect were removed and/or turned around. Her phobia of the outdoors is still apparent and strong.
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